in the French pack. He is introduced by Ariosto in his Orlando Furioso.
   The swords of Ogier the Dane. Curtana (the cutter), and Sauvagine. (See Morris: Earthly Paradise, August.)

Ogleby (Lord). A superannuated nobleman who affects the gaiety and graces of a young man. (Clandestine Marriage, by Garrick and Colman the Elder.)

O'gres of nursery mythology are giants of very malignant dispositions, who live on human flesh. It is an Eastern invention, and the word is derived from the Ogurs, a desperately savage horde of Asia, who overran part of Europe in the fifth century. Others derived it from Orcus, the ugly, cruel man-eating monster so familiar to readers of Bojardo and Ariosto. The female is Ogress.

O'Groat (See John O' Groat .)

Ogygian Deluge A flood which overran a part of Greece while Ogyges was king of Attica. There were two floods so called- one in Boeotia, when the lake Copais overflowed its banks; and another in Attica, when the whole territory was laid waste for two hundred years (B.C. 1764).
   Varro tells us that the planet Venus underwent a great change in the reign of Ogyges (3 syl.). It changed its diameter, its colour, its figure, and its course.
    Ogyges Deluge occurred more than 200 years before Deucalion's Flood.

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