Norroy to Nose Out of Joint

Norroy North-roy or king. The third king-of-arms is so called, because his office is on the north side of the river Trent; that of the south side is called Clarencieux (q.v.).

Norte Violent northern gales, which visit the Gulf of Mexico from September to March. In March they attain their maximum force, and then immediately cease. (Spanish, nórte, the north.)

North (Christopher). A nom-de-plume of Professor Wilson, of Gloucester Place, Edinburgh, one of the chief contributors of Blackwood's Magazine.

North He's too far north for me. Too canny, too cunning to be taken in; very hard in making a bargain. The inhabitants of Yorkshire are supposed to be very canny, especially in driving a bargain.

North-east Passage (The). A way to India from Europe round the north extremity of Asia. It had been often attempted even in the 16th century Hence Beaumont and Fletcher.

“That everlasting cassock, that has worn
As many servants out as the North-east Passage
Has consumed sailors.”
The Tamer Tamed, ii.2
North Side of the Altar (The). The side on which the Gospel is read. The north is the dark part of the earth, and the Gospel is the light of the world which shineth in darkness- “illuminare his qui in tenebris et in umbrâ mortis sedent. ” Facing the altar from the body of the church, the north side is on your left.

North Side of a Churchyard The poor have a great objection to be buried on the north side of a churchyard. They seem to think only evil-doers should be there interred. Probably the chief reason is the want of sun. On the north side of Glasgow cathedral is shown the hangman's burial place.
   There is, however, an ecclesiastical reason:- The east is God's side, where His throne is set; the west, man's side, the Galilee of the Gentiles; the south, the side of the “spirits made just” and angels, where the sun shines in his strength; the north, the devil's side, where Satan and his legion lurk to catch the unwary. Some churches have still a “devil's door” in the north wall, which is opened at baptisms and communions to let the devil out.

“As men die, so shall they arise, if in faith in the Lord, towards the south ... and shall arise in glory; if in unbelief ... towards the north, then are they past all hope.”- Coverdale: Praying for the Dead.
Northamptonshire Poet John Clare, son of a farmer at Helpstone. (1793-1864.)

Northern Bear Russia.

Northern Gate of the Sun The sign of Cancer, or summer solstice; so called because it marks the northern tropic.

Northern Lights The Aurora Boreä'lis, ascribed by the northern savages to the merriment of the ghosts. (See Aurora .)

Northern Wagoner (The). Ursa Major, called “Charles's wain,” or wagon. The constellation contains seven large stars. “King Charles's Wain” is absurd. “Charles' Wain” is a blunder for the “Churls' or Peasants' Wain.”

“By this the northern wagoner has set
His sevenfold team behind the stedfast star [the pole-star]” Spenser: Faërie Queene, i.2.
Norval An aged peasant and his son in Home's tragedy of Douglas.

Norway (Maid of). Margaret, infant queen of Scotland. She was the daughter of Eric II., King of Norway, and Margaret, daughter of Alexander III. of Scotland. She never actually reigned, as she died on her passage to Scotland in 1290.

Nose Bleeding of the nose Sign of love.

“ `Did my nose ever bleed when I was in your company?' and, poor wretch, just as she spake this to show her true heart, her nose fell a-bleeding.”- Boulster: Lectures, p. 130.
   Bleeding of the nose. Grose

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