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Highlands of Scotland (The) include all the country on the northern side of a line drawn from the Moray Frith to the river Clyde, or (which is about the same thing) from Nairn to Glasgow.

Highlanders of Attica The operative class, who had their dwellings on the hills (Diacrii).

Highness The Khedive of Egypt is styled "Your Highness," or "His Highness;"
   The children of kings and queens, "Your Royal Highness," or "His Royal Highness;"
   The children of emperors, "Your Imperial Highness," or "His Imperial Highness."
   Till the reign of Henry VIII. the kings of England were styled "Your Highness," "Your Grace," "Your Excellent Grace," etc., or "His" etc.

Highwaymen The four most celebrated are. -
   Claude Duval, who died 1670.
   James Whitney, who died 1694, at the age of 34.
   Jonathan Wild, of Wolverhampton (1682-1725)
   Jack Sheppard, of Spitalfields (1701-1724).

Hilary Term in the Law Courts, begins on Plough Monday (q.v.) and ends the Wednesday before Easter. It is so called in honour of St. Hilary, whose day is January 14.

Hildebrand (Meister). The Nestor of German romance. Like Maugis among the heroes of Charlemagne, he was a magician as well as champion.
   Hildebrand. Pope Gregory VII. (1013, 1073-1085).
   A Hildebrand. One resembling Pope Gregory VII., noted for subjugating the power of the German emperors; and specially detested by the early reformers for his ultra-pontifical views.

Hildebrod (Duke). President of the Alsatian club. (Sir W. Scott: Fortunes of Nigel.)

Hildesheim A monk of Hildesheim doubting how with God a thousand years could be as one day, listened to the singing of a bird in a wood, as he thought for three minutes, but found the time had been three hundred years. Longfellow has borrowed this tale and introduced it in his Golden Legend. (See Felix.)

Hill (Sir John), M. D., botanist (1716-1775). He wrote some farces, which called forth from Garrick the following couplet:

"For physic and farces his equal there scarce is,
His farces are physic, his physic a farce is,"
Hill-folk The Cameronian Scotch Covenanters, who met clandestinely among the hills. Sometimes the Covenanters generally are so called. Sir W. Scott used the words as a synonym of Cameronians.

Hill-people or Hill-folk. A class of beings in Scandinavian tradition between the elves and the human race. They are supposed to dwell in caves and small hills, and are bent on receiving the benefits of man's redemption.

Hill Tribes The barbarous tribes dwelling in remote parts of the Deccan or plateau of Central India.

Hills Prayers were offered on the tops of high hills, and temples built on "high places," from the notion that the gods could better hear prayers on such places, as they were nearer heaven. As Lucian says, oti twu eucwlewu agxoqeu epaiousiu ou qeoi. And Tacitus says, "maxime coelo appropinquare, precesque mortalium a Deo nusquam propius audire." It will be remembered that Balak (Numbers xxiii. xxiv.) took Balaam to the top of Peor and other high places when Balaam wished to consult God. We often read of "idols on every high hill." (Ezek. vi. 13.)
    The Greek gods dwelt on Mount Olympus.

Himiltrude (3 syl.). Wife of Charlemagne, who surpassed all other women in nobleness of mien.

"Her neck was tinged with a delicate rose, like that of a Roman matron in former ages. Her locks were bound about her temples with gold and purple bands. Her dress was looped up with ruby clasps. Her coronet and her purple robes gave her an air of surpassing majesty." - Croque-mitaine, iii.
Hinc illæ Lacrymæ This was the real offence; this was the true secret of the annoyance; this, entre nous, was the real source of the vexation.
   Perchance `tis Mara's song that gives offence -
   Hinc illæ lacrymæ - I fear
   The song that once could charm the royal sense,
   Delights, alas! no more the royal ear."
   Peter Pindar: Ode upon Ode.

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