Gravelled to Grecian Coffee-house

Gravelled I'm regularly gravelled. Non-plussed, like a ship run aground and unable to move.

"When you were gravelled for lack of matter."
-Shakespeare: As You Like It, iv. 1.
Gray The authoress of Auld Robin Gray was Lady Anne Lindsay, afterwards Lady Barnard (1750-1825).

Gray Cloak An alderman above the chair; so called because his proper costume is a cloak furred with gray amis. (Hutton: New View of London, intro.)

Gray Man's Path A singular fissure in the greenstone precipice near Ballycastle, in Ireland.

Gray's Inn (London) was the inn or mansion of the Lords Gray.

Grayham's (See Grahame's Dyke .)

Graysteel The sword of Kol, fatal to the owner. It passed to several hands, but always brought ill-luck. (Icelandic Edda.) (See Fatal Gifts; Swords.)

Greal (San). Properly divided, it is sang-real, the real blood of Christ, or the wine used in the last supper, which Christ said was "His blood of the New Testament, shed for the remission of sin." According to tradition, a part of this wine-blood was preserved by Joseph of Arimathæa, in the cup called the Saint Graal. When Merlin made the Round Table, he left a place for the Holy Graal. (Latin, Sang [uis] Real [is].) (See Graal.)

Grease One's Fist or Palm (To). To give a bribe.

"Grease my fist with a tester or two, and ye shall find it in your pennyworths." - Quarles: The Virgin Widow, iv. 1. p. 40.

"S. You must oyl it first.
C. I understand you -
Greaze him i' the fist."
Cartwright: Ordinary (1651).
Greasy Sunday Dominica carnelevale - i.e. Quinquagesima Sunday. (See Du Cange, vol. iii. p. 196, col. 2.)

Great (The).
   ABBAS I., Shah of Persia. (1557, 1585-1628.)
   ALBERTUS MAGNUS, the schoolman. (1193- 1280.)
   ALFONSO III., King of Asturias and Leon. (848, 866-912.)
   ALFRED, of England. (849, 871-901.)
   ALEXANDER, of Macedon. (B.C. 356, 340-323.)
   ST. BASIL, Bishop of Cæsare'a. (329-379.)
   CANUTE, of England and Denmark. (995, 1014-1036.)
   CASIMIR III., of Poland. (1309, 1333-1370.)
   CHARLES I., Emperor of Germany, called Charlemagne. (142, 764-814).
   CHARLES III. (or II.), Duke of Lorraine. (1543-1608).
   CHARLES EMMANUEL I., Duke of Savoy. (1562-1630.)
   CONSTANTINE I., Emperor of Rome. (272, 306-337.)
   COUPERIN, (Francis), the French musical composer. (1668-1733.)
   DOUGLAS, (Archibald, the great Earl of Angus also called Bell-the-Cat [q.v.]). (Died 1514.)
   FERDINAND I., of Castile and Leon. (Reigned 1034-1065.)
   FREDERICK WILLIAM, Elector of Brandenburg, surnamed The Great Elector. (1620, 1640-1688.)
   FREDERICK II., of Prussia. (1712, 1740-1786.)
   GREGORY I., Pope. (544, 590-604.)
   HENRI IV., of France. (1553, 1589- 1610.)
   HEROD AGRIPPA I., Tetrarch of Abilene, who beheaded James (Acts xii.). (Died A.D. 44.)
   HIAO- WEN-TEE, the sovereign of the Hân dynasty of China. He forbade the use of gold and silver vessels in the palace, and appropriated the money which they fetched to the aged poor. (B.C. 206, 179-157.)
   JOHN II., of Portugal. (1455, 1481-1495.)
   JUSTINIAN I. (483, 527-565.)
   LEWIS I., of Hungary. (1326, 1342- 1381.)
   LOUIS II., Prince of Condé, Duc d'Enghien. (1621-1686.)
   LOUIS XIV., called Le Grand Monarque. (1638,1643-1714.)
   MAHOMET II., Sultan of the Turks. (1430, 1451-1481.)
   MAXIMILIAN, Duke of Bavaria, victor of Prague. (1573-1651.)
   COSMO DI'MEDICI, first Grand Duke of Tuscany.(1519, 1537-1574.)
   GONZALES PEDRO DE MENDOZA, great Cardinal of Spain, statesman and scholar. (1503-1575.)
   NICHOLAS I., Pope (was Pope from 858-867).
   OTHO I., Emperor of Germany. (912, 936-973.)
   PETER I., of Russia. (1672, 1689-1725.)
   PIERRE III., of Aragon. (1239, 1276-1285.)
   SFORZA (Giacomo), the Italian general.(1369- 1424.)
   SAPOR or SHAH-POUR, the ninth king of the Sassanides (q.v.). (240, 307-379).
   SIGISMUND, King of Poland. (1466, 1506-1548.)
   THEO'DORIC, King of the Ostrogoths. (454, 475-526.)
   THEODO'SIUS I., Emperor. (346, 378-395.)
   MATTEO VISCONTI, Lord of Milan, (1250, 1295-1322.)
   VLADIMIR, Grand Duke of Russia. (973-1014.)
   WALDEMAR I., of Denmark. (1131, 1157-1181.)

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