Express Train to Ezzelin

Express Train A fast train between two large towns, with few or no stoppages at intermediate stations.

Expressed Oils are those which are obtained by pressure. Unlike animal and essential oils, they are pressed out of the bodies which contain them.

Expression A geographical expression. A term applied to a tract of country with no recognised nationality.

"This territory is to a very great extent occupied by one race ... and yet to the present day Germany is little more than a geographical expression." - Daily Telegraph (before 1871).
Exquisite (3 syl.). One sought out; a coxcomb, a dandy, one who thinks himself superlatively well dressed, and of most unexceptionable deportment.

"Exquisites are out of place in the pulpit; they should be set up in a tailor's window." - Spurgeon: Lectures to my Students. (Lecture viii.)
Extensive (3 syl.). Rather extensive, that. Rather fast. A slang synonym for a swell.

Exter That's Exter, as the old woman said when she saw Kerton. This is a Devonshire saying, meaning, I thought my work was done, but I find much still remains before it is completed. "Exter" is the popular pronunciation of Exeter, and "Kerton" is Crediton. The tradition is that the woman in question was going for the first time to Exeter, and seeing the grand old church of Kerton (Crediton), supposed it to be Exeter Cathedral. "That's Exter," she said, "and my journey is over;" but alas! she had still eight miles to walk before she reached her destination.

Extinct Species [since the time of man]. The dodo, great auk, quagga, sea-cow, and white rhinoceros.
   Getting very rare: the bison, the Carolina paraket, the giraffe, and the passenger pigeon once common enough.

Extravagantes Constitutiones or Extravagants. The papal constitutions of John XXII., and some few of his successors, supplemental to the "Corpus Juris Canonici." So called because they were not ranged in order with the other papal constitutions, but were left "outwanderers" from the general code.

Extreme Unction One of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, founded on St. James v. 14, "Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the Church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord."

Extremes Meet In French: "Les extrêmes se touchent."

Extricate Latin, ex, out of, and tricæ, fetters. "Tricæ" are the hairs, etc., tied round the feet of birds to prevent their wandering. To extricate is to "get out of these tricæ or meshes."

Exult' (Latin). To leap out. Thus we say, "I am ready to leap out of my skin;" to jump for joy.

Eye Latin, oculus; Italian, occhio; Spanish, ojo: Russian, oko; Dutch, oog; Saxon, eáge (where g is pronounced like y); French, oeil.
   In my mind's eye. In my perceptive thought. The eye sees in two ways: (1) from without; and (2) from within. When we look at anything without, the object is reflected on the retina as on a mirror; but in deep contemplation the inward thought "informs the eye." It was thus Macbeth saw the dagger; and Hamlet tells Horatio that he saw his deceased father "in his mind's eye."
   In the wind's eye. Directly opposed to the wind.
   In the twinkling of an eye. Immediately, very soon. "Au moindre clin d'æil." Similar phrases are: "In a brace of shakes," "In the twinkling of a bed-post." (See Bed Post.)
   My eye! or Oh, my eye! an exclamation of astonishment. (See All My Eye.)
   One might see that with half an eye. Easily; at a mere glance.
   The king's eyes. His chief officers. An Eastern expression.

"One of the seven
Who in God's presence, nearest to the throne
Stand ready at command, and are his eyes
That run thro' all the heavens, or down to earth
Bear his swift errands."
Milton: Paradise Lost, iii. 652.
   To have an eye on. To keep strict watch on the person or thing referred to.
   To have an eye to the main

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