Alphonso, a Portuguese, being wrecked on the coast of Guinea, had a cat, which the king bought for its weight in gold. With this money Alphonso traded, and in five years made £6000, returned to Portugal, and became in fifteen years the third magnate of the kingdom.—Description of Guinea.

(See Keightley, Tales and Popular Fictions, 241–266.)

Whittle (Thomas), an old man of 63, who wants to marry the Widow Brady, only 23 years of age. To this end he assumes the airs, the dress, the manners, and the walk of a beau. For his thick flannels, he puts on a cambric shirt, open waistcoat, and ruffles; for his Welsh wig, he wears a pigtail and chapeau bras; for his thick cork soles, he trips like a dandy in pumps. He smirks, he titters, he tries to be quite killing. He discards history and solid reading for the Amorous Repository, Cupid’s Revels, Hymen’s Delight, and Ovid’s Art of Love. In order to get rid of him, the gay young widow assumes to be a boisterous, rollicking, extravagant, low Irishwoman, deeply in debt, and utterly reckless. (See Brady, p. 143.)—Garrick: The Irish Widow (1757).

Who’s the Dupe? Abraham Doiley, a retired slop-seller, with £80,000 or more. Being himself wholly uneducated, he is a great admirer of “larning,” and resolves that his daughter Elizabeth shall marry a great scholar. Elizabeth is in love with captain Granger, but the old slop-seller has fixed his heart on a Mr. Gradus, an Oxford pedant. The question is how to bring the old man round. (For the rest, see Granger, p. 443.)—Mrs. Cowley: Who’s the Dupe?

Whole Duty of Man (The). Sir James Wellwood Moncrieff, bart., was so called by Jeffrey (1776–1851).

Wicked Bible (The), 1631. It leaves out the word “not” in the seventh commandment, which thus reads, “Thou shalt commit adultery.”

Wicket Gate (The), the entrance to the road which leads to the Celestial City. Over the door is written, “Knock, AND IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU.”— Bunyan: Pilgrim’s Progress, i. (1678).

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