Table of contents
T. to Tailors  
Tailors of Tooley Street to Talisman  
Talismans to Tammany  
Tammany Ring to Tappertit  
Taprobana to Tasso and Leonora  
Taste to Teilo  
Teirtu’s Harp to Tellus’s Son  
Temir to Tendo Achillis  
Tenglio to Tessira  
Tests of Chastity to Thames  
Thammuz to Thebaid  
Theban Bard to Theodorus  
Theodosius to Thieves of Historic Note  
Think to Thomas and Fair Ellinor  
Thomas the Rhymer to Three  
Three Ardent Lovers of Britain to Three Kings  
Three Kings of Cologne to Thule  
Thumb to Tibbs  
Tibert to Tim Syllabub  
Times to Tintoretto of England  
Tintoretto of Switzerland to Tite Barnacle  
Tithonus to Toboso  
TOBY to Tom Scott  
Tom Thumb to Tonio  
Tonna to Torquato  
Torquil of the Oak to Touchstone  
TOUCHWOOD to Tradelove  
Trafford to Trapper  
Traveller to Trees noted for Specific Virtues and Uses  
Trees of the Sun and Moon to Triboulet  
Tribulation to Tripe  
Triple Alliance to Triumvirate  
Triumvirate of England to Trouillogan  
Trovatore to Tulchan Bishops  
Tulkinghorn to Turpin  
Turquine to Twelve Knights of the Round Table  
Twelve Paladins to Two Drovers  
Two Eyes of Greece to Tyler  
Tyll Owlyglass to Tyson  

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