The charming George Ann Bellamy [1733–1788] procured from Paris two gorgeous dresses for the part of “Statira.” When Peg Woffington, who played “Roxana,” saw them, she was so overcome by malice, hatred, and all uncharitableness, that she rolled her rival in the dust, pummelled her with the handle of her dagger, and screamed in anger—

Nor he, nor heaven, shall shield thee from my justice.
Die, sorceress, die! and all my wrongs die with thee!

Table Traits.

Statius, a Roman poet (A.D. 61-96), author of an heroic poem in nine books, called the Thebaid or The Seven against Thebes.

(Translated into English heroic verse (rhymes) by W. L. Lewis (2nd edition, 1773). Pope translated bk. i. in 1703; Walter Harte translated bk. vi.; and T… translated the first five books.)

Bk. vi. contains the Osegruce and Games.

Statute of Rhuddlan (The). This celebrated statute annexed the principality of Wales to the English crown, and constituted its territory shire-ground (1284). (See Professor Tout’s Edward I.)

Edward I. resided for a certain time at Rhuddlan Castle, during his contests with the princes of Wales (1277–1284); and it was here that Lewelyn made his personal submission to him after the Treaty of Conway. At the breaking out of the revolt of the Four Cantreds, Lewelyn’s brother fell upon Rhuddlan, and took the king’s justiciar prisoner, and it was after the defeat and death of Lewelyn that this statute was enacted.

Staunton (The Rev. Mr.), rector of Willingham, and father of George Staunton.

George Staunton, son of the Rev. Mr. Staunton. He appears first as “Geordie Robertson,” a felon; and in the Porteous mob he assumes the guise of “Madge Wildfire.” George Staunton is the seducer of Effie Deàns. Ultimately he comes to the title of baronet, marries Effie, and is shot by a gipsy boy called “The Whistle,” who proves to be his own natural son.

Lady Staunton, Effie Deans after her marriage with sir George. On the death of her husband, she retires to a convent on the Continent.—Sir W. Scott: Heart of Midlothian (time, George II.).

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