Scriever (Jock), the apprentice of Duncan Macwheeble (bailie at Tully Veolan to Mr. Cosmo Comyne Bradwardine baron of Bradwardine and Tully Veolan).—Scott: Waverley (time, George II.).

Scriptores Decem, a collection of ten ancient chronicles on English history, in one vol. folio, London, 1652, edited by Roger Twysden and John Selden. The volume contains: (i)Simeon Dunelmensis [Simeon of Durham], Historia; (2) Johannes Hagustaldensis [John of Hexham], Historia Continuata; (3) Richardus Hagustaldensis [Richard of Hexham], De Gestis Regis Stephani; (4) Ailredus Rievallensis [Ailred of Rieval], Historia (genealogy of the kings); (5) Radulphus de Diceto [Ralph of Diceto], Abbreviationes Chronicorum and Ymagines Historiarum; (6)Johannes Brompton, Chronicon; (7)Gervasius Dorobornensis [Gervase of Dover], Chronica, etc. (burning and repair of Dover Church; contentions between the monks of Canterbury and archbishop Baldwin; and lives of the archbishops of Canterbury); (8)Thomas Stubbs (a dominican), Chronica Pontificum ecc. Eboraci [i.e. York]; (9) Guilielmus Thorn Cantuariensis [of Canterbury], Chronica; and (10)Henricus Knighton Leicestrensis [of Leicester], Chronica. (The last three are chronicles of “pontiffs” or archbishops.)

Scriptores Quinque, better known as Scriptores post Bedam, published at Frankfürt, 1601, in one vol. folio, and containing: (1) Willielm Malmesburiensis, De Gestis Regum Anglorum, Historiæ Novellæ, and De Gestis Pontificum Anglorum; (2) Henry Huntindoniensis, Historia; (3) Roger Hovedeni [Hoveden], Annales; (4) Ethelwerd, Chronica, and (5) Ingulphus Croylandensis [of Croyland], Historia.

Scriptores Tres, three “hypothetical” writers on ancient history, which Dr. Bertram professed to have discovered between the years 1747 and 1757. They are called Richardus Corinensis [of Cirencester], De Situ Britanniœ; Gildas Badonicus; and Nennius Banchorensis [of Bangor]. J. E. Mayor, in his preface to Ricardi de Cirencestria Speculum Historiale, has laid bare this literary forgery. (See FORGERS, p. 386.)

(The title of Bertram’s book is Britannicarum Gentium Historiœ Antiquœ, Scriptores tres. Gildas was called “Badonicus” because he was born on the day of the battle of Baden or Bath.)

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