Saints to Sakhrat

Saints (Island of), Ireland. (See Isle of Saints, p. 532.)

Saints (Royal).

David of Scotland (*, 1124–1153).

Edward the Confessor (1004, 1042–1066).

Edward the Martyr (961, 975-979).

Eric IX. of Sweden (*, 1155–1161).

Ethelred I. king of Wessex (*, 866-871).

Eugenius I. pope (*, 654-657).

Felix I. pope (*, 269-274).

Ferdinand III. of Castile and Leon (1200, 1217–1252).

Julius I. pope (*, 337-352).

Kâng-he, second of the Manchoo dynasty of China (*, 1661–1722).

Lawrence Justiniani patriarch of Venice (1380, 1451–1465).

Leo IX: pope (1002, 1049–1054).

Louis IX. of France (1215, 1226–1270).

Olaus II. of Norway (992, 1000–1030).

Stephen I. of Hungary (979, 997-1038).


(1) For diseases,

(2) Local saints.

(3) Saints (specialist).

(4) Saints for special parts of the body.

(5) Saints for dumb animals.

(1) Saints for Diseases. These saints either ward off ills or help to relieve them, and should be invoked by those who trust their power:—

Ague. St. Pernel and St. Petronella cure.

Bad Dreams. St. Christopher protects from.

Blear Eyes. St. Otilic and St. Clare cure.

Blindness. St. Thomas à Becket cures.

Boils and Blains. St. Rooke and St. Cosmus cure.

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