Sadder, one of the sacred books of the Guebres or Parsis.

Saddle and the Ground.

Between the saddle and the ground,
Mercy he sought, and mercy found;

Should be—

Betwixt the stirrup and the ground,
Mercy I asked, mercy I found.

It is quoted in Camden’s Remains. “A gentleman fell from his horse and broke his neck. Some said it was a judgment on his evil life, but a friend, calling to mind the epitaph of St. Augustine, Misericordia Domini inter pontem et fontem, wrote the distich given above.”

Saddletree (Mr. Bartoline), the learned saddler.

Mrs. Saddletree, the wife of Bartoline.—Sir W. Scott: Heart of Midlothian (time, George II.).

Sadha-Sing, the mourner of the desert.—Sir W. Scott: The Surgeon’s Daughter (time, George II.).

Sæl. (See Haysel, p. 476.)

Sæmund Sigfusson, surnamed “the Wise,” an Icelandic priest and scald. He compiled the Elder or Rhythmical Edda, often called Sæmund’s Edda. This compilation contains not only mythological tales and moral sentences, but numerous sagas in verse or heroic lays, as those of Völung and Helgê, of Sigurd and Brynhilda, of Folsungs and Niflungs (pt. ii.). Probably his compilation contained all the mythological, heroic, and legendary lays extant at the period in which he lived (1054–1133).

Safa, in Arabia, the hill on which Adam and Eve came together, after having been parted for 200 years, during which time they wandered homeless over the face of the earth.

Saffron Gown. (See p. 335, col. 2.)

She the saffron gown will never wear,
And in no flower-strewn couch shall she be laid.
   —W. Morris: Atalanta’s Race.

The word saffron was wholly unknown in the Greek or Latin language. There is the Greek word saophron, but that was a girdle worn by girls, indicative of chastity. (Saffron is the Arabic zaphran, through the French safran).

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