Nestor to Newgate Fashion

Nestor (A), a wise old man. Nestor of Pylos was the oldest and most experienced of all the Greek chieftains who went to the siege of Troy.—Homer: Iliad.

Nestor of the Chemical Revolution. Dr. Black is so called by Lavoisier (1728–1799).

Nestor of Europe, Leopold king of Belgium (1790, 1831–1865).

Neuha, a native of Toobouai, one of the Society Islands. It was at Toobouai that the mutineers of the Bounty Janded, and Torquil married Neuha. When a vessel was sent to capture the mutineers, Neuha conducted Torquil to a secret cave, where they lay perdu till all danger was over, when they returned to their island home.—Byron: The Island.

(The character of Neuha is given in canto ii. 7.)

Never (Synonyms for).

On the Greek Kalends. (There are no Greek Kalends.) When the Spanish ambassador announced in Latin the terms on which queen Elizabeth might hope to avert the threatened invasion, her majesty replied—

Ad Græcas, bone rex, fient mandata calendas.

On St. Tibs’s eve. (There is no such saint as Tibs.)

On the 31st of June, 1897 (or any other impossible date).

At latter Lammas. (There is no such time.) Fuller thus renders the speech of the Spanish ambassador—

These to you are our commands:
Send no help to th’ Netherlands;
Of the treasure ta’en by Drake
Restitution you must make;
And those abbeys build anew
Which your father overthrew.

The queen’s reply—

Worthy king, know this: Your will
At latter Lammas we’ll fulfil.

On the year of the coronation of Napoleon III.

In the reign of queen Dick.

Once in a blue moon.

When two Sundays meet.

When the Yellow River runs clear (Chinese).

In that memorable week which had three Thursdays.—Rabelais: Pantagruel, ii. 1.

The year when the middle of August was in May.—Rabelais: Pantagruel, ii. 1.

The year of the great medlars, three of which would fill a bushel.—Rabelais: Pantagruel, ii.1.

At the coming of the Cocklicranes.—Rabelais: Gargantua, 49.

Cum multis aliis.

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