ratafia, I turned bailiff’s follower; there I learnt bullying and swearing. I at last got into the army, and there I learnt…drinking. So that…the whole sum is: canting, lying, impudence, pimping, bullying, swearing, drinking, and a halberd.”—Farquhar: The Recruiting Officer, iii. I (1705).

Sergeant Kite is an original picture of low life and humour, rarely surpassed.—R. Chambers: English Literature, i. 599.

(The original “sergeant Kite” was R. Eastcourt, 1668–1713.)

Kitely, a rich City merchant, extremely jealous of his wife.—Ben Jonson: Every Man in His Humour (1598).

Kitt Henshaw, boatman of sir Patrick Charteris of Kinfauns, provost of Perth.—Sir W. Scott: Fair Maid of Perth (time, Henry IV.).

Kittlecourt (Sir Thomas), M.P., neighbour of the laird of Ellangowan.—Sir W. Scott: Guy Mannering (time, George II.).

Kitty, one of the servants of Mr. Peregrine Lovel. She spoke french like a native, because she was once “a halfboarder at Chelsea.” Being asked if she had read Shakespeare: “Shikspur, Shikspur!” she replied. “Who wrote it? No, I never read that book; but I promise to read it over one afternoon or other.”—Townley: High Life Below Stairs (1759).

Kitty, younger daughter of sir David and lady Dunder of Dunder Hall, near Dover. She is young, wild, and of exuberant spirits, “her mind full of fun, her eyes full of fire, her head full of novels, and her heart full of love.” Kitty fell in love with Random at Calais, and agreed to elope with him, but the fugitives were detected by sir David during their preparations for flight, and, to prevent scandal, the marriage was sanctioned by the parents, and duly solemnized at Dunder Hall.—Colman: Ways and Means (1788).

Kitty Pry, the waiting-maid of Melissa. Very impertinent, very inquisitive, and very free in her tongue. She has a partiality to Timothy Sharp “the lying valent.”—Garrick: The Lying Valet (1741).

Kitty Willis, a “soiled dove.” employed by Saville to attend a masquerade in the same costume as lady Francis, in order to dupe Courtall.—Mrs. Cowley: The Belle’s Stratagem (1780).

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