and at each verse were struck with a switch on the naked shoulders. This was, by a fiction, supposed to be the penance suffered by the king for having been a protestant.

Flollo or Flollio, a Roman tribune, who held the province of Gaul under the emperor Leo. When king Arthur invaded Gaul, the tribune fled to Paris, which Arthur besieged, and Flollo proposed to decide the quarrel by single combat. To this Arthur agreed, and cleft with his sword Caliburn both the helmet and head of his adversary. Having made himself master of all Gaul, king Arthur held his court at Paris.—Geoffrey: British History, ix. 11 (1142).

And after these …
At Paris in the lists [Arthur] with Flollio fought;
The emperor Leon’s power to raise his siege that brought.
   —Drayton: Polyolbion, iv. (1612).

Flood (Noah’s). (See Raven.)

Flopsam, Mrs. Matthew Rocket’s principal nurse.—Dickens: Great Expectations (1858).

Flor and Blancheflor, the title of a minnesong by Conrad Fleck, at one time immensely popular. It is the story of two children who fall in love with each other. There is a good deal of grace and tenderness in the tale, with an abundance of trash. Flor, the son of Feinix, a pagan king, is brought up with Blancheflor (an enfant volé). The two children love each other, but Feinix sells Blancheflor to some Eastern merchants. Flor goes in quest of Blancheflor, whom he finds in Babylon, in the palace of the sultan, who is a sorcerer. He gains access to the palace, hidden in a basket of roses; but the sultan discovers him, and is about to cast both into the flames, when, touched with human gentleness and love, he sets them free. They then return to Spain, find Feinix dead, and marry (fourteenth century).

Flora, goddess of flowers. In natural history all the flowers and vegetable productions of a country or locality are called its flora; and all its animal productions its fauna.

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