Table of contents
C. to CÆSAR  
Cæsar to Cairbar  
Cairbre to Calianax  
Caliban to Calumet of Peace  
Calydon to Camilla  
Camille to Cantabrian Surge  
Cantabric Ocean to Captain is a Bold Man  
Capucinade to Care  
CARELESS to Carocium  
Caroline to Carthon  
Carton to Cassius  
Castagnette to Cat  
Cataian to Cathos  
Cathulla to Caxtonia  
Caxtons to Cephalus  
Cerastes to Chaonian Bird  
Chaonian Food to Charles  
Charles Edward [Stuart] to Cheap Jack  
Cheatly to Chevy Chase  
Chibiabos to Children  
Children in the Wood to Chrisom Child  
Christ and His Apostles to Chroniclers  
Chronicles to Chuzzlewit  
Chyndonax to Cipango  
Cipher to Civilis  
Clack-Dish to Clarke  
Clatho to Clement  
Clementina to Clever  
CLIFFORD to Cloudesley  
Clout to Cock and Pie  
Cock of Westminster to Cole  
Colein to Colossos  
Colours to Comus  
Cona to Constance of Beverley  
Constans to Copley  
Copper Captain to Corinna  
Corinne to Corn-Law Rhymer  
Cornubia to Councils  
Count not your Chickens before they are Hatched to Coverley  
Covert-baron to Crawley  
Crayon to Crispinus  
Critic to Cropland  
Croquemitaine to Crown of the East  
Crown of Ionia to Culloch  
Cumberland to Cushla Machree  
Custance to Czar  

  By PanEris using Melati.

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