The Diary


1660/61 At the end of the last and the beginning of this year, I do live in one of the houses belonging to the Navy Office, as one of the principal officers, and have done now about half-a-year my family being, myself, my wife, Jane, Will Hewer, and Wayneman, my girl’s brother Myself in constant good health, and in a most handsome and thriving condition Blessed be Almighty God for it As to things of State -- The King settled, and loved of all The Duke of York matched to my Lord Chancellor’s daughter, which do not please many The Queen upon her returne to France with the Princesse Henrietta1 The Princesse of Orange lately dead, and we into new mourning for her We have been lately frighted with a great plot, and many taken up on it, and the fright not quite over The Parliament, which had done all this great good to the King, beginning to grow factious, the King did dissolve it December 29th last, and another likely to be chosen speedily.

1660/61 January 1st Mr Moore and I went to Mr Pierce’s, in our way seeing the Duke of York bring his Lady today to wait upon the Queen, the first time that ever she did since that business, and the Queen is said to receive her now with much respect and love.

2nd My Lord did give me many commands in his business As to write to my uncle that Mr Barnewell s papers should be locked up, in case he should die, he being now suspected to be very ill Also about consulting with Mr W Montagu2 for the settling of the £ 4000 a-year that the King had promised my Lord As also about getting Mr George Montagu to be chosen at Huntingdon this next Parliament, &c That done, he to White Hall stairs with much company, and I with him, where we took water for Lambeth, and there coach for Portsmouth The Queen’s things were all in White Hall Court ready to be sent away, and her Majesty ready to be gone an hour after to Hampton Court to-night, and so to be at Portsmouth on Saturday next This day I left Sir W Batten and Captn Rider my chine of beefe for to serve to-morrow at Trinity House the Duke of Albemarle being to be there, and all the rest of the Brethren, it being a great day for the reading over of their new Charter, which the King hath newly given them.

3rd To the Theatre, where was acted Beggars’ Bush, it being very well done, and here the first time that ever I saw women come upon the stage.

4th I had been early this morning at White Hall, at the Jewell Office, to choose a piece of gilt plate for my Lord, in returne of his offering to the King (which it seems is usual at this time of year, and an Earle gives twenty pieces in gold in purse to the King) I chose a gilt tankard, weighing 31 ounces and a half, and he is allowed 30, so I paid 12s for the ounce and half over what he is to have but strange it was for me to see what a company of small fees I was called upon by a great many to pay there, which, I perceive, is the manner that courtiers do get their estates.

7th This morning, news was brought to me to my bedside, that there had been a great stir in the City this night by the Fanatiques, who had been up and killed six or seven men, but all are fled My Lord Mayor and the whole City had been in armes, above 40,000 Tom and I and my wife to the Theatre, and there saw The Silent Woman Among other things here, Kinaston the boy had the good turn to appear in three shapes first, as a poor woman in ordinary clothes, to please Morose, then in fine clothes, as a gallant, and in them was clearly the prettiest woman in the whole house and lastly, as a man, and then likewise did appear the handsomest man in the house In our way home we were in many places strictly examined, more than in the worst of times, there being great fears of the Fanatiques rising again for the present I do not hear that any of them are taken.

8th Some talk today of a head of Fanatiques that do appear about, but I do not believe it However, my Lord Mayor, Sir Richd Browne, hath carried himself honourably, and hath caused one of their meeting- houses in London to be pulled down.

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