"The photographs took my breath away. I could not understand how you did them, and your explanation of how you built the models from your drawings only changed the wonder into admiration. Only an artist could have said what you say about the education of the eye and of the hand. You may well understand how it went home to me. Ever gratefully yours,


    I now proceed to the Cardinal. I was present at one of the receptions of the President of the Royal Society at Burlington House, when I was introduced to Cardinal Manning as "The Steam Hammer!" After a cordial reception he suddenly said, "But are you not also the Man in the Moon?" Yes, your Eminence . I have written a book about the Moon, and I shall be glad if you will accept a copy of it?" "By all means," he said, "and I thank you for the offer very much." I accordingly sent the copy, and received the following answer :

    "MY DEAR MR.NASMYTH -- When I asked you to send me your book on the Moon, I had no idea of its bulk and value, and I feel ashamed of my importunity, yet more than half delighted at my sturdy begging.

    "I thank you for it very sincerely. My life is one of endless work, leaving me few moments for reading. But such books as yours refresh me like a clover field.

    "I hope I may have an opportunity of renewing our conversation. Believe me always truly yours, HENRY, CARDINAL MANNING."

    I may also mention that I received a charming letter from Miss Herschel, the daughter of the late Astronomer.

    "Is it possible," she said, "that this beautiful book is destined by you as a gift to my most unworthy self? I do not know, indeed, how sufficiently to thank you, or even to express my delight in being possessed of so exquisite and valuable a work, made so valuable, too, by the most kind inscription on the first page! I fear I shall be very very far from understanding the theories developed in the book, though we have been endeavouring to gather some faint notion of them from the reviews we have seen; but it will be of the greatest interest for us to try and follow them under your guidance, and with the help of these perfectly enchanting photographs, which, I think, one could never be tired of looking at.

    "How well I remember the original photographs, and the oil painting which you sent for dear papa's inspection, and which he did so enjoy ! and also the experiment with the glass globe, in which he was so interested, at your own house. We cannot but think how he would have appreciated your researches, and what pleasure this lovely book would have given him. Indeed, I shall treasure it especially as a remembrance of that visit, which is so completely connected in my thoughts with him, as well as with your cordial kindness, as a precious souvenir, of which let me once more offer you my heartfelt thanks. I remain, my dear sir, yours very truly and gratefully,


    I cannot refrain from adding the communication I received from my dear old friend William Lassell. "I do not know," he said, "how sufficiently to thank you for your most kind letter, and the superb present which almost immediately followed it. My pleasure was greatly enhanced by the consideration of how far this splendid work must add to your fame and gratify the scientific world. The illustrations are magnificent, and I am persuaded that no book has ever been published before which gives so faithful, accurate, and comprehensive a picture of the surface of the Moon. The work must have cost you much time, thought, and labour, and I doubt not you will now receive a gratifying, if not an adequate reward."

    After reading the book Mr. Lassell again wrote to me. "I am indebted to your beautiful book, "he said, "for a deeper interest in the Moon than I ever felt before. . . . I see many of your pictures have been taken when the Moon was waning, which tells me of many a shivering exposure you must have had in the early mornings, . . . I was sorry to find from your letter that you had a severe cold, which made

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