Pyxidate to Pyxis

(Pyx"i*date) a. Having a pyxidium.

(||Pyx*id"i*um) n.; pl. Pyxidia [NL., fr. Gr. dim. a a box. See Pyx.] (Bot.) (a) A pod which divides circularly into an upper and lower half, of which the former acts as a kind of lid, as in the pimpernel and purslane. (b) The theca of mosses.

(Pyx"ie) n. (Bot.) Same as Pixy.

(||Pyx*is) n. [L.]

1. A box; a pyx.

2. (Bot.) A pyxidium.

3. (Anat.) The acetabulum. See Acetabulum, 2.

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