2. To exercise one's self in, for instruction or improvement, or to acquire discipline or dexterity; as, to practice gunnery; to practice music.

4. To put into practice; to carry out; to act upon; to commit; to execute; to do. "Aught but Talbot's shadow whereon to practice your severity." Shak.

As this advice ye practice or neglect.

5. To make use of; to employ. [Obs.]

In malice to this good knight's wife, I practiced Ubaldo and Ricardo to corrupt her.

6. To teach or accustom by practice; to train.

In church they are taught to love God; after church they are practiced to love their neighbor.

(Prac"tice), v. i. [Often written practise.]

1. To perform certain acts frequently or customarily, either for instruction, profit, or amusement; as, to practice with the broadsword or with the rifle; to practice on the piano.

2. To learn by practice; to form a habit.

They shall practice how to live secure.

Practice first over yourself to reign.

3. To try artifices or stratagems.

He will practice against thee by poison.

4. To apply theoretical science or knowledge, esp. by way of experiment; to exercise or pursue an employment or profession, esp. that of medicine or of law.

[I am] little inclined to practice on others, and as little that others should practice on me.
Sir W. Temple.

(Prac"ticed) a. [Often written practised.]

1. Experienced; expert; skilled; as, a practiced marksman. "A practiced picklock." Ld. Lytton.

2. Used habitually; learned by practice.

(Prac"ti*cer) n. [Often written practiser.]

1. One who practices, or puts in practice; one who customarily performs certain acts. South.

2. One who exercises a profession; a practitioner.

3. One who uses art or stratagem. [Obs.] B. Jonson.

(Prac*ti"cian) n. [F. praticien, OF. also practicien.] One who is acquainted with, or skilled in, anything by practice; a practitioner.

(Prac"tick) n. Practice. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Prac"ti*sant) n. An agent or confederate in treachery. [Obs.] Shak.

(Prac"tise) v. t. & i. See Practice.

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