Pollen grain(Bot.), a particle or call of pollen.Pollen mass, a pollinium. Gray.Pollen sac, a compartment of an anther containing pollen, — usually there are four in each anther.Pollen tube, a slender tube which issues from the pollen grain on its contact with the stigma, which it penetrates, thus conveying, it is supposed, the fecundating matter of the grain to the ovule.

(Pol`len*a"ri*ous) a. Consisting of meal or pollen.

(Pol"lened) a. Covered with pollen. Tennyson.

(Pol`len*if"er*ous) a. [Pollen + -ferous.] (Bot.) Producing pollen; polliniferous.

(Pol"len*in) n. [Cf. F. pollénine.] (Chem.) A substance found in the pollen of certain plants. [R.]

(Pol"len*ize) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pollenized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Pollenizing ] To supply with pollen; to impregnate with pollen.

(Poll"er) n. [From Poll] One who polls; specifically: (a) One who polls or lops trees. (b) One who polls or cuts hair; a barber. [R.] (c) One who extorts or plunders. [Obs.] Baex>. (d) One who registplws votplws, or one who enters his name as a voter.

(||Pol"lex) n.; pl. Pollices [the thumb.] (Anat.) The first, or preaxial, digit of the fore limb, corresponding to the hallux in the hind limb; the thumb. In birds, the pollex is the joint which bears the bastard wing.

Pollack to Polycarpellary

(Pol"lack) n. [Cf. G. & D. pollack, and Gael. pollag a little pool, a sort of fish.] (Zoöl.) (a) A marine gadoid food fish of Europe Called also greenfish, greenling, lait, leet, lob, lythe, and whiting pollack. (b) The American pollock; the coalfish.

(Poll"age) n. A head or poll tax; hence, extortion. [Obs.] Foxe.

(Pol"lan) n. [Cf. Gael. pollag a kind of fish.] (Zoöl.) A lake whitefish native of Ireland. In appearance it resembles a herring.

(Pol"lard) n. [From Poll the head.]

1. A tree having its top cut off at some height above the ground, that may throw out branches. Pennant.

2. A clipped coin; also, a counterfeit. [Obs.] Camden.

3. (Zoöl.) (a) A fish, the chub. (b) A stag that has cast its antlers. (c) A hornless animal (cow or sheep).

(Pol"lard), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pollarded; p. pr. & vb. n. Pollarding.] To lop the tops of, as trees; to poll; as, to pollard willows. Evelyn.

(Poll"ax`) n. A poleax. [Obs.] Chaucer.

(Polled) a. Deprived of a poll, or of something belonging to the poll. Specifically: (a) Lopped; — said of trees having their tops cut off. (b) Cropped; hence, bald; — said of a person. "The polled bachelor." Beau. & Fl. (c) Having cast the antlers; — said of a stag. (d) Without horns; as, polled cattle; polled sheep.

(Pol"len) n. [L. pollen fine flour, fine dust; cf. Gr. ]

1. Fine bran or flour. [Obs.] Bailey.

2. (Bot.) The fecundating dustlike cells of the anthers of flowers. See Flower, and Illust. of Filament.

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