Picked dogfish. (Zoöl.) See under Dogfish.Picked out, ornamented or relieved with lines, or the like, of a different, usually a lighter, color; as, a carriage body dark green, picked out with red.

(Pick"ed*ness) n.

1. The state of being sharpened; pointedness.

2. Fineness; spruceness; smartness. [Obs.]

Too much pickedness is not manly.
B. Jonson.

(Pick*eer") v. i. [imp. & p. p. Pickeered ; p. pr. & vb. n. Pickeering.] [F. picorer to go marauding, orig., to go to steal cattle, ultimately fr. L. pecus, pecoris, cattle; cf. F. picorée, Sp. pecorea robbery committed by straggling soldiers.] To make a raid for booty; to maraud; also, to skirmish in advance of an army. See Picaroon. [Obs.] Bp. Burnet.

(Pick*eer"er) n. One who pickeers. [Obs.]

(Pick"er) n. [From Pick.]

1. One who, or that which, picks, in any sense, - - as, one who uses a pick; one who gathers; a thief; a pick; a pickax; as, a cotton picker. "Pickers and stealers." Shak.

2. (Mach.) A machine for picking fibrous materials to pieces so as to loosen and separate the fiber.

3. (Weaving) The piece in a loom which strikes the end of the shuttle, and impels it through the warp.

4. (Ordnance) A priming wire for cleaning the vent.

(Pick"er*el) n. [Dim. of Pike.] [Written also pickerell.]

(Pick"a*nin`ny) n.; pl. Pickaninnies [Cf. Sp. pequeño little, young.] A small child; especially, a negro or mulatto infant. [U.S. & West Indies]

(Pick"a*pack`) adv. Pickaback.

(Pick"ax`, Pick"axe`) n. [A corruption of OE. pikois, pikeis, F. picois, fr. pic. See Pick, n.] A pick with a point at one end, a transverse edge or blade at the other, and a handle inserted at the middle; a hammer with a flattened end for driving wedges and a pointed end for piercing as it strikes. Shak.

(Pick"back`) adv. On the back.

(Pick"ed) a.

1. Pointed; sharp. "Picked and polished." Chapman.

Let the stake be made picked at the top.

2. (Zoöl.) Having a pike or spine on the back; — said of certain fishes.

3. Carefully selected; chosen; as, picked men.

4. Fine; spruce; smart; precise; dianty. [Obs.] Shak.

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