Phonetic spelling, spelling in phonetic characters, each representing one sound only; — contrasted with Romanic spelling, or that by the use of the Roman alphabet.

(Pho*net"ic*al*ly), adv. In a phonetic manner.

(Pho`ne*ti"cian) n. One versed in phonetics; a phonetist.

(Pho*net"ics) n.

1. The doctrine or science of sounds; especially those of the human voice; phonology.

2. The art of representing vocal sounds by signs and written characters.

Phœnicious to Photics

(Phœ*ni"cious) a. See Phenicious.

(||Phœ`ni*cop"te*rus) n. [NL. See Phenicopter.] (Zoöl.) A genus of birds which includes the flamingoes.

(||Phœ"nix) n. [L., a fabulous bird. See Phenix.]

1. Same as Phenix. Shak.

2. (Bot.) A genus of palms including the date tree.

(Pho"lad) n. (Zoöl.) Any species of Pholas.

(Pho*la"de*an) n. (Zoöl.) Pholad.

(||Pho"las) n.; pl. Pholades [NL., fr. Gr. a kind of mollusk.] (Zoöl.) Any one of numerous species of marine bivalve mollusks of the genus Pholas, or family Pholadidæ. They bore holes for themselves in clay, peat, and soft rocks.

(Pho"nal) a. Of or relating to the voice; as, phonal structure. Max Müller.

(Pho`nas*cet"ics) n. [Gr. to practice the voice; voice + to practice.] Treatment for restoring or improving the voice.

(Pho*na"tion) n. The act or process by which articulate sounds are uttered; the utterance of articulate sounds; articulate speech.

(Pho*nau"to*graph) n. [Phono- + Gr. self + -graph.] (Physics) An instrument by means of which a sound can be made to produce a visible trace or record of itself. It consists essentially of a resonant vessel, usually of paraboloidal form, closed at one end by a flexible membrane. A stylus attached to some point of the membrane records the movements of the latter, as it vibrates, upon a moving cylinder or plate.

(Pho*nei"do*scope) n. [Phono- + Gr. form + -scope.] (Physics) An instrument for studying the motions of sounding bodies by optical means. It consists of a tube across the end of which is stretched a film of soap solution thin enough to give colored bands, the form and position of which are affected by sonorous vibrations.

(Pho*net"ic) a. [Gr. fr. a sound, tone; akin to Gr. to speak: cf. F. phonétique. See Ban a proclamation.]

1. Of or pertaining to the voice, or its use.

2. Representing sounds; as, phonetic characters; — opposed to ideographic; as, a phonetic notation.

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