Paunch mat(Naut.), a thick mat made of strands of rope, used to prevent the yard or rigging from chafing.

(Paunch), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Paunched ; p. pr. & vb. n. Paunching.]

1. To pierce or rip the belly of; to eviscerate; to disembowel. Shak.

2. To stuff with food. [Obs.] Udall.

(Paunch"y) a. Pot-bellied. [R.] Dickens.

(Paune) n. A kind of bread. See Pone.

(Pau"per) n. [L. See Poor.] A poor person; especially, one development on private or public charity. Also used adjectively; as, pouper immigrants, pouper labor.

(Pau"per*ism) n. [Cf. F. paupérisme.] The state of being a pauper; the state of indigent persons requiring support from the community. Whatly.

Syn. — Poverty; indigence; penury; want; need; destitution. See Poverty.

(Pau`per*i*za"tion) n. The act or process of reducing to pauperism. C. Kingsley.

(Pau"per*ize) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Pauperized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Pauperizing ] To reduce to pauperism; as, to pauperize the peasantry.

(||Pau*rop"o*da) n. pl. [NL., from Gr. small + -poda.] (Zoöl.) An order of small myriapods having only nine pairs of legs and destitute of tracheæ.

(Pause) n. [F., fr. L. pausa. See Pose.]

1. A temporary stop or rest; an intermission of action; interruption; suspension; cessation.

2. Temporary inaction or waiting; hesitation; suspence; doubt.

I stand in pause where I shall first begin.

3. In speaking or reading aloud, a brief arrest or suspension of voice, to indicate the limits and relations of sentences and their parts.

4. In writing and printing, a mark indicating the place and nature of an arrest of voice in reading; a punctuation point; as, teach the pupil to mind the pauses.

5. A break or paragraph in writing.

He writes with warmth, which usually neglects method, and those partitions and pauses which men educated in schools observe.

(Paunch) n. [OF. panch, pance, F. panse, L. pantex, panticis.]

1. (Anat.) The belly and its contents; the abdomen; also, the first stomach, or rumen, of ruminants. See Rumen.

2. (Naut.) A paunch mat; — called also panch.

3. The thickened rim of a bell, struck by the clapper.

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