Patriarchal cross(Her.), a cross, the shaft of which is intersected by two transverse beams, the upper one being the smaller. See Illust. (2) of Cross.Patriarchal dispensation, the divine dispensation under which the patriarchs lived before the law given by Moses.

(Pa`tri*ar"chate) n. [Cf. F. patriarcat.]

1. The office, dignity, or jurisdiction of a patriarch. Jer. Taylor.

2. The residence of an ecclesiastic patriarch.

3. (Ethnol.) A patriarchal form of government or society. See Patriarchal, a., 3.

(Pa"tri*arch*dom) n. The office or jurisdiction of a patriarch; patriarchate. [R.]

(Pa`tri*ar"chic) a. [L. patriarchicus, Gr. .] Patriarchal.

(Pa"tri*arch*ism) n. Government by a patriarch, or the head of a family.

(Pa"tri*arch*ship), n. A patriarchate. Ayliffe.

(Pa"tri*arch`y) n.

1. The jurisdiction of a patriarch; patriarchship. Brerewood.

2. Government by a patriarch; patriarchism.

(Pa*tri"cian) a. [L. patricius, fr. patres fathers or senators, pl. of pater: cf. F. patricien. See Paternal.]

1. (Rom. Antiq.) Of or pertaining to the Roman patres (fathers) or senators, or patricians.

2. Of, pertaining to, or appropriate to, a person of high birth; noble; not plebeian.

Born in the patrician file of society.
Sir W. Scott.

His horse's hoofs wet with patrician blood.

(Pa*tri"cian), n. [L. patricius: cf. F. patricien.]

1. (Rom. Antiq.) Originally, a member of any of the families constituting the populus Romanus, or body of Roman citizens, before the development of the plebeian order; later, one who, by right of birth or by special privilege conferred, belonged to the nobility.

2. A person of high birth; a nobleman.

3. One familiar with the works of the Christian Fathers; one versed in patristic lore. [R.] Colridge.

(Pa*tri"cian*ism) n. The rank or character of patricians.

(Pa*tri"ci*ate) n. The patrician class; the aristocracy; also, the office of patriarch. Milman.

(Pat*ri"ci`dal) a. Of or pertaining to patricide; parricidal.

(Pat*ri"cide) n. [L. pater father + caedere to kill. Cf. Parricide.]

3. (Ethnol.) Having an organization of society and government in which the head of the family exercises authority over all its generations.

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