Pasch egg. See Easter egg, under Easter.Pasch flower. See Pasque flower, under Pasque.

(Par"vo*line) n. (Chem.) A liquid base, CHN, of the pyridine group, found in coal tar; also, any one of the series of isometric substances of which it is the type.

(||Pas) n. [F. See Pace.]

1. A pace; a step, as in a dance. Chaucer.

2. Right of going foremost; precedence. Arbuthnot.

(Pa"san) n. (Zoöl.) The gemsbok.

(Pasch ||Pas"cha) n. [AS. pascha, L. pascha, Gr. fr. Heb. pesach, fr. pasach to pass over: cf. OF. pasque, F. pâque. Cf. Paschal, Paas, Paque.] The passover; the feast of Easter.

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