Palette knife, a knife with a very flexible steel blade and no cutting edge, rounded at the end, used by painters to mix colors on the grinding slab or palette.To set the palette(Paint.), to lay upon it the required pigments in a certain order, according to the intended use of them in a picture. Fairholt.

(Pale"wise`) adv. (Her.) In the manner of a pale or pales; by perpendicular lines or divisions; as, to divide an escutcheon palewise.

(Pa"le*o*there) n. [F. paléothère.] (Paleon.) Any species of Paleotherium.

(Pa`le*o*the"ri*an) a. [F. paléothérien.] (Paleon.) Of or pertaining to Paleotherium.

(||Pa`le*o*the"ri*um) n. [NL., fr. Gr. ancient + beast.] (Paleon.) An extinct genus of herbivorous Tertiary mammals, once supposed to have resembled the tapir in form, but now known to have had a more slender form, with a long neck like that of a llama. [Written also Palæotherium.]

(Pa`le*o*the"roid) [Paleothere + -oid.] (Paleon.) Resembling Paleotherium.n. An animal resembling, or allied to, the paleothere.

(Pa"le*o*type) n. See Palæotype.

(Pa"le*ous) a. [L. palea chaff.] Chaffy; like chaff; paleaceous. [R.] Sir T. Browne.

(Pa`le*o*zo"ic) a. [Paleo- + Gr. life, fr. to live.] (Geol.) Of or pertaining to, or designating, the older division of geological time during which life is known to have existed, including the Silurian, Devonian, and Carboniferous ages, and also to the life or rocks of those ages. See Chart of Geology.

(Pa`le*o*zo*öl"o*gy) n. (Geol.) The Paleozoic time or strata.

(Pa`le*o*zo*ö"o*gy) n. [Paleo- + zoölogy.] The science of extinct animals, a branch of paleontology.

(Pale"sie Pale"sy), n. Palsy. [Obs.] Wyclif.

(Pal`es*tin"i*an Pal`es*tin"e*an) a. Of or pertaining to Palestine.

(Pa*les"tra) n.; pl. L. Palestræ E. Palestras [NL., fr. L. palaestra, Gr. fr. to wrestle.] [Written also palæstra.] (Antiq.) (a) A wrestling school; hence, a gymnasium, or place for athletic exercise in general. (b) A wrestling; the exercise of wrestling.

(Pa*les"tri*an Pa*les"tric) Palestrical
(Pa*les"tric*al) a. [L. palaestricus, Gr. ] Of or pertaining to the palestra, or to wrestling.

(Pal"et) n. [See Palea.] (Bot.) Same as Palea.

(||Pal"e*tot) n. [F. paletot, OF. palletoc, prob. fr. L. palla (see Palla) + F. toque cap, and so lit., a frock with a cap or hood; cf. Sp. paletoque.] (a) An overcoat. Dickens. (b) A lady's outer garment, — of varying fashion.

(Pal"ette) n. [See Pallet a thin board.]

1. (Paint.) A thin, oval or square board, or tablet, with a thumb hole at one end for holding it, on which a painter lays and mixes his pigments. [Written also pallet.]

2. (Anc. Armor) One of the plates covering the points of junction at the bend of the shoulders and elbows. Fairholt.

3. (Mech.) A breastplate for a breast drill.

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