Painted beauty(Zoöl.), a handsome American butterfly having a variety of bright colors,Painted cup(Bot.), any plant of an American genus of herbs (Castilleia) in which the bracts are usually bright- colored and more showy than the flowers. Castilleia coccinea has brilliantly scarlet bracts, and is common in meadows.Painted finch. See Nonpareil.Painted lady(Zoöl.), a bright-colored butterfly. See Thistle butterfly.Painted turtle(Zoöl.), a common American freshwater tortoise having bright red and yellow markings beneath.

(Paint"er) n. [OE, pantere a noose, snare, F. pantière, LL. panthera, L. panther a hunting net, fr. Gr. panqh`ra; pa^s all + qh`r beast; cf. Ir. painteir a net, gin, snare, Gael. painntear.] (Naut.) A rope at the bow of a boat, used to fasten it to anything. Totten.

(Paint"er), n. [Corrupt. of panther.] (Zoöl.) The panther, or puma. [A form representing an illiterate pronunciation, U. S.] J. F. Cooper.

(Paint"er), n. [See lst Paint.] One whose occupation is to paint; esp.: (a) One who covers buildings, ships, ironwork, and the like, with paint. (b) An artist who represents objects or scenes in color on a flat surface, as canvas, plaster, or the like.

Painter's colic. (Med.) See Lead colic, under Colic.Painter stainer. (a) A painter of coats of arms. Crabb. (b) A member of a livery company or guild in London, bearing this name.

4. Fig.: To represent or exhibit to the mind; to describe vividly; to delineate; to image; to depict.

The word is too good to paint out her wickedness.

If folly grow romantic, I must paint it.

Syn. — To color; picture; depict; portray; delineate; sketch; draw; describe.

(Paint), v. t.

1. To practice the art of painting; as, the artist paints well.

2. To color one's face by way of beautifying it.

Let her paint an inch thick.

(Paint), n.

1. (a) A pigment or coloring substance. (b) The same prepared with a vehicle, as oil, water with gum, or the like, for application to a surface.

2. A cosmetic; rouge. Praed.

(Paint"ed), a.

1. Covered or adorned with paint; portrayed in colors.

As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.

2. (Nat. Hist.) Marked with bright colors; as, the painted turtle; painted bunting.

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