Table of contents
P to Pack  
Package to Pagan  
Pagandom to Painter  
Painterly to Pale  
Palea to Pall  
Palla to Palmer  
Palmerworm to Pamperer  
Pamperize to Panegyrist  
Panegyrize to Pantalet  
Pantaloon to Paper  
Paperweight to Parachute  
Paraclete to Paragraph  
Paragrapher to Parameter  
Parametritis to Paraventure  
Paraxanthin to Parenthesis  
Parenthesize to Parley  
Parliament to Parrot  
Parroter to Parted  
Parter to Parting  
Partisan to Pasch  
Paschal to Passage  
Passager to Past  
Paste to Patella  
Patellar to Patient  
Patiently to Patter  
Patterer to Paw  
Pawk to Peaceable  
Peacebreaker to Pease  
Peastone to Peculiarity  
Peculiarize to Pedipalpous  
Pedipalpus to Pegmatitic  
Pegmatoid to Pemmican  
Pemphigus to Penetralia  
Penetrance to Pennywort  
Pennyworth to Pentateuchal  
Pentathionic to Peppery  
Pepsin to Percher  
Percheron to Perfection  
Perfectional to Pericope  
Pericranial to Periœci  
Periople to Perjure  
Perjured to Perpendicular  
Perpendicularity to Persist  
Persistence to Perspiration  
Perspirative to Perverseness  
Perversion to Petechial  
Peter to Pettish  
Pettitoes to Phanerodactyla  
Phanerogamia to Pheese  
Phelloderm to Philomathy  
Philomel to Phœnician  
Phœnicious to Photics  
Photo to Phrensied  
Phrensy to Physical  
Physically to Piano  
Pianograph to Picket  
Picketee to Piece  
Pieceless to Pigmean  
Pigment to Pilgrimage  
Pilgrimize to Pimple  
Pimpled to Pinfeather  
Pinfeathered to Pintail  
Pin-tailed to Pique  
Piqueer to Pit  
Pita to Pitman  
Pitot's tube to Placentalia  
Placentary to Plainly  
Plainness to Planisphere  
Planispheric to Plasmatic  
Plasmation to Platform  
Plathelminth to Play  
Playa to Pleasure  
Pleasureful to Pleomorphism  
Pleomorphous to Plim  
Plimsoll's mark to Plug  
Plugger to Plumy  
Plunder to Ply  
Plyer to Pococurante  
Pococurantism to Point  
Pointal to Poker  
Pokerish to Polianite  
Policate to Poll  
Pollack to Polycarpellary  
Polycarpic to Polyhymnia  
Polyiodide to Polysilicic  
Polyspast to Pomposo  
Pompous to Pool  
Pooler to Popular  
Populares to Porpus  
Porraceous to Portion  
Portioner to Positively  
Positiveness to Post  
Post-abdomen to Postmeridian  
Post-mortem to Potassium  
Potassoxyl to Pottle  
Potto to Pout  
Pouter to Practically  
Practicalness to Prairie  
Praisable to Preach  
Preacher to Precession  
Precessional to Preconscious  
Preconsent to Predisposition  
Predominance to Prefix  
Prefixion to Prelude  
Preluder to Preparation  
Preparative to Presbyope  
Presbyopia to Presentable  
Presentaneous to Press  
Presser to Presuppose  
Presupposition to Prevail  
Prevailing to Prick  
Prick-eared to Priggery  
Priggish to Primipara  
Primiparous to Principle  
Princock to Private  
Privateer to Probabilist  
Probability to Procellarian  
Procellous to Proctotomy  
Proctucha to Productive  
Productivity to Profligate  
Profligately to Prohibit  
Prohibiter to Proll  
Proller to Prompt  
Prompt-book to Proofless  
Proof-proof to Prophesy  
Prophet to Proposal  
Propose to Prose  
Prosector to Prosthesis  
Prosthetic to Protest  
Protestancy to Protract  
Protracted to Provide  
Provided to Proximate  
Proximately to Psaltery  
Psammite to Psychic  
Psychics to Public  
Publican to Puerperal  
Puerperous to Pull  
Pullail to Pulverous  
Pulverulence to Punctum  
Puncturation to Puppy  
Puppyhood to Purificatory  
Purifier to Purposive  
Purpre to Puseyism  
Puseyistic to Put  
Putage to Pygmy  
Pygobranchia to Pyrogenic  
Pyrogenous to Pyx  
Pyxidate to Pyxis  
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