Burnt offering, Drink offering, etc. See under Burnt. etc.

(Of"fer*to*ry) n.; pl. Offertories . [L. offertorium the place to which offerings were brought, in LL. offertory: cf.F. offertoire.]

1. The act of offering, or the thing offered. [Obs. or R.] Bacon. Bp. Fell.

2. (R.C.Ch.) (a) An anthem chanted, or a voluntary played on the organ, during the offering and first part of the Mass. (b) That part of the Mass which the priest reads before uncovering the chalice to offer up the elements for consecration. (c) The oblation of the elements.

3. (Ch. of Eng. & Prot. Epis. Ch.) (a) The Scripture sentences said or sung during the collection of the offerings. (b) The offerings themselves.

(Of"fer*ture) n. [LL. offertura an offering.] Offer; proposal; overture. [Obs.]

More offertures and advantages to his crown.

(Off"hand`) a. Instant; ready; extemporaneous; as, an offhand speech; offhand excuses.adv. In an offhand manner; as, he replied offhand.

(Of"fice) n. [F., fr. L. officium, for opificium; ops ability, wealth, holp + facere to do or make. See Opulent, Fact.]

1. That which a person does, either voluntarily or by appointment, for, or with reference to, others; customary duty, or a duty that arises from the relations of man to man; as, kind offices, pious offices.

I would I could do a good office between you.

2. A special duty, trust, charge, or position, conferred by authority and for a public purpose; a position of trust or authority; as, an executive or judical office; a municipal office.

3. A charge or trust, of a sacred nature, conferred by God himself; as, the office of a priest under the old dispensation, and that of the apostles in the new.

Inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office.
Rom. xi. 13.

3. Attempt; endeavor; essay; as, he made an offer to catch the ball. "Some offer and attempt." South.

(Of"fer*a*ble) a. Capable of being offered; suitable or worthy to be offered.

(Of"fer*er) n. One who offers; esp., one who offers something to God in worship. Hooker.

(Of"fer*ing), n.

1. The act of an offerer; a proffering.

2. That which is offered, esp. in divine service; that which is presented as an expiation or atonement for sin, or as a free gift; a sacrifice; an oblation; as, sin offering.

They are polluted offerings more abhorred
Than spotted livers in the sacrifice.

3. A sum of money offered, as in church service; as, a missionary offering. Specif.: (Ch. of Eng.) Personal tithes payable according to custom, either at certain seasons as Christmas or Easter, or on certain occasions as marriages or christenings.

[None] to the offering before her should go.

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