Muscular Christian, one who believes in a part of religious duty to maintain a healthful and vigorous physical state. T. Hughes.Muscular Christianity. (a) The practice and opinion of those Christians who believe that it is a part of religious duty to maintain a vigorous condition of the body, and who therefore approve of athletic sports and exercises as conductive to good health, good morals, and right feelings in religious matters. T. Hughes. (b) An active, robust, and cheerful Christian life, as opposed to a meditative and gloomy one. C. Kingsley.Muscular excitability(Physiol.), that property in virtue of which a muscle shortens, when it is stimulated; irritability.Muscular sense(Physiol.), muscular sensibility; the sense by which we obtain knowledge of the condition of our muscles and to what extent they are contracted, also of the position of the various parts of our bodies and the resistance offering by external objects.

(Mus`cu*lar"i*ty) n. The state or quality of being muscular. Grew.

(Mus"cu*lar*ize) v. t. To make muscular. Lowell.

(Mus"cu*lar*ly), adv. In a muscular manner.

(Mus`cu*la"tion) n. (Anat.) The muscular system of an animal, or of any of its parts.

(Mus"cu*la*ture) n. [Cf. F. musculature.] (Anat.) Musculation.

(Mus"cule) n. [L. musculus: cf. F. muscule.] (Mil.) A long movable shed used by besiegers in ancient times in attacking the walls of a fortified town.

(Mus"cu*lin) n. [L. musculus a muscle.] (Physiol. Chem.) See Syntonin.

(Mus`cu*lo*cu*ta"ne*ous) a. [L. musculus + E. cutaneous.] (Anat.) Pertaining both to muscles and skin; as, the musculocutaneous nerve.

(Mus`co*va"do), n. Unrefined or raw sugar.

(Mus"co*vite) n. [See Muscovy glass.]

1. A native or inhabitant of Muscovy or ancient Russia; hence, a Russian.

2. (Min.) Common potash mica. See Mica.

Muscovy duck
(Mus"co*vy duck`) [A corruption of musk duck.] (Zoöl.) A duck larger than the common duck, often raised in poultry yards. Called also musk duck. It is native of tropical America, from Mexico to Southern Brazil.

Muscovy glass
(Mus"co*vy glass`) [From Muscovy, the old name of Russia: cf. F. verre de Moscovie.] Mica; muscovite. See Mica.

(Mus"cu*lar) a. [Cf. F. musculaire. See Muscle.]

1. Of or pertaining to a muscle, or to a system of muscles; consisting of, or constituting, a muscle or muscles; as, muscular fiber.

Great muscular strength, accompanied by much awkwardness.

2. Performed by, or dependent on, a muscle or the muscles. "The muscular motion." Arbuthnot.

3. Well furnished with muscles; having well- developed muscles; brawny; hence, strong; powerful; vigorous; as, a muscular body or arm.

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