(||Mus*ca"les) n. pl. [NL., fr. L. muscus moss.] (Bot.) An old name for mosses in the widest sense, including the true mosses and also hepaticæ and sphagna.

(Mus"cal*longe) n. (Zoöl.) See Muskellunge.

(Mus"car*din) n. [F., fr. muscadin a musk-scented lozenge, fr. muscade nutmeg, fr. L. muscus musk. See Muscadel.] (Zoöl.) The common European dormouse; — so named from its odor. [Written also muscadine.]

(Mus`car*dine") n. [F.] A disease which is very destructive to silkworms, and which sometimes extends to other insects. It is attended by the development of a fungus Also, the fungus itself.

(Mus*car"i*form) a. [L. muscarium fly brush + -form.] Having the form of a brush.

(Mus*ca"rin) n. (Physiol. Chem.) A solid crystalline substance, C5H13NO2, found in the toadstool and in putrid fish. It is a typical ptomaine, and a violent poison.

(Mus"cat) n. [F. See Muscadel.] (Bot.) A name given to several varieties of Old World grapes, differing in color, size, etc., but all having a somewhat musky flavor. The muscat of Alexandria is a large oval grape of a pale amber color. [Written also muskat.]

(Mus"ca*tel`) a. Of, pertaining to, or designating, or derived from, a muscat grapes or similar grapes; as, muscatel grapes; muscatel wine, etc.

(Mus"ca*tel`), n.

1. A common name for several varieties of rich sweet wine, made in Italy, Spain, and France.

2. pl. Finest raisins, dried on the vine; "sun raisins."

[Variously written moscatel, muscadel, etc.]

(||Musch"el*kalk`) n. [G., from muschel shell + kalk limestone.] (Geol.) A kind of shell limestone, whose strata form the middle one of the three divisions of the Triassic formation in Germany. See Chart, under Geology.

(||Mus"ci) n. pl. [L. muscus moss.] (Bot.) An order or subclass of cryptogamous plants; the mosses. See Moss, and Cryptogamia.

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