(Monk"ing), a. Monkish. [R.] Coleridge.

(Monk"ish), a. Like a monk, or pertaining to monks; monastic; as, monkish manners; monkish dress; monkish solitude.Monk"ish*ness, n.

(Monk"ly), a. Like, or suitable to, a monk. [R.]

(Monks"hood`) n. (Bot.) A plant of the genus Aconitum; aconite. See Aconite.

Monk's seam
(Monk's" seam`) (Naut.) An extra middle seam made at the junction of two breadths of canvas, ordinarily joined by only two rows of stitches.

(Mon"o- Mon-) . A prefix signifying one, single, alone; as, monocarp, monopoly; (Chem.) indicating that a compound contains one atom, radical, or group of that to the name of which it is united; as, monoxide, monosulphide, monatomic, etc.

(||Mo"no) n. [Sp.] (Zoöl.) The black howler of Central America

(Mon`o*ba"sic) a. [Mono- + basic.] (Chem.) Capable of being neutralized by a univalent base or basic radical; having but one acid hydrogen atom to be replaced; — said of acids; as, acetic, nitric, and hydrochloric acids are monobasic.

(Mon`o*car*bon"ic) a. [Mono- + carbonic.] (Chem.) Containing one carboxyl group; as, acetic acid is a monocarbonic acid.

(Mon`o*car"di*an) a. [Mono- + Gr. heart.] (Zoöl.) Having a single heart, as fishes and amphibians.n. An animal having a single heart.

(Mon"o*carp) n. (Bot.) A monocarpic plant.

(Mon`o*car"pel*la*ry) a. [Mono- + carpellary.] (Bot.) Consisting of a single carpel, as the fruit of the pea, cherry, and almond.

(Mon`o*car"pic Mon`o*car"pous) a. [Mono- + Gr. fruit: cf. F. monocarpe.] (Bot.) Bearing fruit but once, and dying after fructification, as beans, maize, mustard, etc.

Annual and biennual herbs are monocarpic, so also some plants of longer duration, as the century plant.

(Mon`o*ceph"a*lous) a. [Mono- + Gr. kefalh` head.] (Bot.) Having a solitary head; — said of unbranched composite plants.

(||Mo*noc"e*ros) n. [L., fr. Gr. mo`nos alone, single + ke`ras horn.]

1. A one-horned creature; a unicorn; a sea monster with one horn.

Mighty monoceroses with immeasured tails.

2. (Astron.) The Unicorn, a constellation situated to the east Orion.

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