Mexican poppy(Bot.), a tropical American herb of the Poppy family (Argemone Mexicana) with much the look of a thistle, but having large yellow or white blossoms.Mexican tea(Bot.), an aromatic kind of pigweed from tropical America (Chenopodium ambrosioides).

(Mex"i*can*ize) v. t. To cause to be like the Mexicans, or their country, esp. in respect of frequent revolutions of government.

(Mew), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mewed; p. pr. & vb. n. Mewing.] [OE. muen, F. muer, fr. L. mutare to change, fr. movere to move. See Move, and cf. Mew a cage, Molt.] To shed or cast; to change; to molt; as, the hawk mewed his feathers.

Nine times the moon had mewed her horns.

(Mew), v. i. To cast the feathers; to molt; hence, to change; to put on a new appearance.

Now everything doth mew,
And shifts his rustic winter robe.

(Mew), n. [OE. mue, F. mue change of feathers, scales, skin, the time or place when the change occurs, fr. muer to molt, mew, L. mutare to change. See 2d Mew.]

1. A cage for hawks while mewing; a coop for fattening fowls; hence, any inclosure; a place of confinement or shelter; — in the latter sense usually in the plural.

Full many a fat partrich had he in mewe.

Forthcoming from her darksome mew.

Violets in their secret mews.

2. A stable or range of stables for horses; - - compound used in the plural, and so called from the royal stables in London, built on the site of the king's mews for hawks.

(Mew), v. t. [From Mew a cage.] To shut up; to inclose; to confine, as in a cage or other inclosure.

More pity that the eagle should be mewed.

Close mewed in their sedans, for fear of air.

(Mew), v. i. [Of imitative origin; cf. G. miauen.] To cry as a cat. [Written also meaw, meow.] Shak.

(Mew), n. The common cry of a cat. Shak.

(Mewl) v. i. [imp. & p. p. Mewled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Mewling.] [Cf. F. miauler to mew, E. mew to cry as a cat. Cf. Miaul.] To cry, as a young child; to squall. [Written also meawl.] Shak.

(Mewl"er) n. One that mewls.

(Mews) n. sing. & pl. [Prop. pl. of mew. See Mew a cage.] An alley where there are stables; a narrow passage; a confined place. [Eng.]

Mr. Turveydrop's great room . . . was built out into a mews at the back.

(||Mex*al" Mex"i*cal) n. [Sp. mexcal.] See Mescal.

(Mex"i*can) a. Of or pertaining to Mexico or its people.n. A native or inhabitant of Mexico.

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