To be under the mahogany, to be so drunk as to have fallen under the table. [Eng.] — To put one's legs under some one's mahogany, to dine with him. [Slang]

(||Ma*ho"li) n. (Zoöl.) A South African lemur having very large ears. [Written also moholi.]

(Ma*hom"ed*an Ma*hom"et*an) n. See Mohammedan.

(Ma*hom"et*an*ism) n. See Mohammedanism.

(Ma*hom"et*an*ize) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Mahometanized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Mahometanizing ] To convert to the religion of Mohammed; to Mohammedanize.

(Ma*hom"et*ism) n. See Mohammedanism.

(Ma*hom"et*ist), n. A Mohammedan. [R.]

(Ma*hom"et*ry) n. Mohammedanism. [Obs.]

(Ma*hone") n. A large Turkish ship. Crabb.

(Ma*ho"ni*a) n. [Named after Bernard McMahon.] (Bot.) The Oregon grape, a species of barberry often cultivated for its hollylike foliage.

Mahon stock
(Ma*hon" stock`) (Bot.) An annual cruciferous plant with reddish purple or white flowers (Malcolmia maritima). It is called in England Virginia stock, but the plant comes from the Mediterranean.

(||Ma*hoo"hoo) n. (Zoöl.) The African white two-horned rhinoceros

(Ma"ho*ri) n. [Native name. Cf. Maori.] (Ethnol.) One of the dark race inhabiting principally the islands of Eastern Polynesia. Also used adjectively.

The title has been taken by several persons in countries where Mohammedanism prevails, — notably by Mohammad Ahmed, who overran the Egyptian Sudan, and in 1885 captured Khartum, his soldiers killing General Gordon, an Englishman, who was then the Egyptian governor of the region.

(Mahl"-stick`) n. See Maul- stick.

(Ma"hoe) n. (Bot.) A name given to several malvaceous trees (species of Hibiscus, Ochroma, etc.), and to their strong fibrous inner bark, which is used for strings and cordage.

(Ma*hog"a*ny) n. [From the South American name.]

1. (Bot.) A large tree of the genus Swietenia found in tropical America.

Several other trees, with wood more or less like mahogany, are called by this name; as, African mahogany (Khaya Senegalensis), Australian mahogany (Eucalyptus marginatus), Bastard mahogany (Batonia apetala of the West Indies), Indian mahogany (Cedrela Toona of Bengal, and trees of the genera Soymida and Chukrassia), Madeira mahogany Mountain mahogany, the black or cherry birch also the several species of Cercocarpus of California and the Rocky Mountains.

2. The wood of the Swietenia Mahogoni. It is of a reddish brown color, beautifully veined, very hard, and susceptible of a fine polish. It is used in the manufacture of furniture.

3. A table made of mahogany wood. [Colloq.]

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