Looker-on, a spectator; one that looks on, but has no agency or part in an affair.

Did not this fatal war affront thy coast,
Yet sattest thou an idle looker-on ?

(Look"ing), a. Having a certain look or appearance; — often compounded with adjectives; as, good- looking, grand-looking, etc.

(Look"ing), n.

1. The act of one who looks; a glance.

2. The manner in which one looks; appearance; countenance; face. [Obs.]

All dreary was his cheer and his looking.

Looking for, anticipation; expectation. "A certain fearful looking for of judgment." Heb. x. 27.

(Look"ing-glass`) n. A mirror made of glass on which has been placed a backing of some reflecting substance, as quicksilver.

There is none so homely but loves a looking- glass.

(Look"out`) n.

1. A careful looking or watching for any object or event.

2. The place from which such observation is made.

3. A person engaged in watching.

4. Object or duty of forethought and care; responsibility. [Colloq.]

(Lool) n. (Metal.) A vessel used to receive the washings of ores of metals.

(Loom) n. (Zoöl.) See Loon, the bird.

(Loom), n. [OE. lome, AS. geloma utensil, implement.]

(Look) n.

1. The act of looking; a glance; a sight; a view; — often in certain phrases; as, to have, get, take, throw, or cast, a look.

Threw many a northward look to see his father
Bring up his powers; but he did long in vain.

2. Expression of the eyes and face; manner; as, a proud or defiant look. "Gentle looks." Shak.

Up ! up! my friends, and clear your looks.

3. Hence; Appearance; aspect; as, the house has a gloomy look; the affair has a bad look.

Pain, disgrace, and poverty have frighted looks.

There was something that reminded me of Dante's Hell in the look of this.

(Look"down`) n. (Zoöl.) See Moonfish (b).

(Look"er) n. One who looks.

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