Logistic, or Proportional, logarithms, certain logarithmic numbers used to shorten the calculation of the fourth term of a proportion of which one of the terms is a given constant quantity, commonly one hour, while the other terms are expressed in minutes and seconds; — not now used.

(Lo*gis"tics) n.

1. (Mil.) That branch of the military art which embraces the details of moving and supplying armies. The meaning of the word is by some writers extended to include strategy. H. L. Scott.

2. (Math.) A system of arithmetic, in which numbers are expressed in a scale of 60; logistic arithmetic.

(Log"man) n.; pl. Logmen A man who carries logs. Shak.

(Log`o*dæd"a*ly) n. [Gr. . See Logos, and Dædal.] Verbal legerdemain; a playing with words. [R.] Coleridge.

(Log"o*gram) n. [Gr. lo`gos word + -gram.] A word letter; a phonogram, that, for the sake of brevity, represents a word; as, |, i. e., t, for it. Cf. Grammalogue.

(Lo*gog"ra*pher) n.

1. A chronicler; one who writes history in a condensed manner with short simple sentences.

2. One skilled in logography.

(Log`o*graph"ic Log`o*graph"ic*al) a. [Gr. of writing speeches: cf. F. logographique.] Of or pertaining to logography.

(Lo*gog"ra*phy) n. [Gr. a writing of speeches; lo`gos word, speech + to write: cf. F. logographie.]

1. A method of printing in which whole words or syllables, cast as single types, are used.

2. A mode of reporting speeches without using shorthand, — a number of reporters, each in succession, taking down three or four words. Brande & C.

(Log"o*griph) n. [Gr. lo`gos word + gri^fos a fishing net, a dark saying, a riddle: F. logogriphe.] A sort of riddle in which it is required to discover a chosen word from various combinations of its letters,

(Log`i*cal"i*ty) n. Logicalness.

(Log"ic*al*ly) adv. In a logical manner; as, to argue logically.

(Log"ic*al*ness), n. The quality of being logical.

(Lo*gi"cian) n. [Cf. F. logicien.] A person skilled in logic. Bacon.

Each fierce logician still expelling Locke.

(Log"ics) n. See Logic.

(Lo*gis"tic Lo*gis"tic*al) a. [Gr. skilled in calculating, to calculate, fr. lo`gos word, number, reckoning: cf. F. logistique.]

1. Logical. [Obs.] Berkeley.

2. (Math.) Sexagesimal, or made on the scale of 60; as, logistic, or sexagesimal, arithmetic.

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