(Zoöl.), the European green finch.

(Li*no"le*ate) n. (Chem.) A salt of linoleic acid.

(Li*no"le*ic) a. Pertaining to, or derived from, linoleum, or linseed oil; specifically (Chem.), designating an organic acid, a thin yellow oil, found combined as a salt of glycerin in oils of linseed, poppy, hemp, and certain nuts.

(Li*no"le*um) n. [L. linum flax + oleum oil.]

1. Linseed oil brought to various degrees of hardness by some oxidizing process, as by exposure to heated air, or by treatment with chloride of sulphur. In this condition it is used for many of the purposes to which India rubber has been applied.

2. A kind of floor cloth made by laying hardened linseed oil mixed with ground cork on a canvas backing.

(Li*nox"in) n. [Linoleic + oxygen.] (Chem.) A resinous substance obtained as an oxidation product of linoleic acid. [Written also linoxyn.]

(Lin*sang") n. (Zoöl.) Any viverrine mammal of the genus Prionodon, inhabiting the East Indies and Southern Asia. The common East Indian linsang (P. gracilis) is white, crossed by broad, black bands. The Guinea linsang (Porana Richardsonii) is brown with black spots.

(Lin"seed`) n. [OE. lin flax + seed. See Linen.] (Bot.) The seeds of flax, from which linseed oil is obtained. [Written also lintseed.]

Linseed cake, the solid mass or cake which remains when oil is expressed from flaxseed.Linseed meal, linseed cake reduced to powder.Linseed oil, oil obtained by pressure from flaxseed.

(Lin"sey) n. [See Linen.] Linsey-woolsey.

(Lin"sey-wool"sey) n.

1. Cloth made of linen and wool, mixed.

2. Jargon. [Obs.] Shak.

(Lin"sey-wool"sey), a. Made of linen and wool; hence, of different and unsuitable parts; mean. Johnson.

(Lin"stock) n. [Corrupt. fr. luntstock, D. lontstok; lont lunt + stok stock, stick. See Link a torch, Lunt, and Stock.] A pointed forked staff, shod with iron at the foot, to hold a lighted match for firing cannon. [Written also lintstock.]

(Lint) n. [AS. linet flax, hemp, fr. lin flax; or, perh. borrowed fr. L. linteum a linen cloth, linen, from linteus linen, a., fr. linum flax, lint. See Linen.]

1. Flax.

2. Linen scraped or otherwise made into a soft, downy or fleecy substance for dressing wounds and sores; also, fine ravelings, down, fluff, or loose short fibers from yarn or fabrics.

Lint doctor(Calico-printing Mach.), a scraper to remove lint from a printing cylinder.

(Lin"tel) n. [OF. lintel, F. linteau, LL. lintellus, for limitellus, a dim. fr. L. limes limit. See Limit.] (Arch.) A horizontal member spanning an opening, and carrying the superincumbent weight by means of its strength in resisting crosswise fracture.

Green linnet

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