(Bot.), a low shrub with dense clusters of purplish flowers (Ceanothus thyrsiflorus).

(Lil"a*cin) n. (Chem.) See Syringin.

(Lil`i*a"ceous) a. [L. liliaceus, fr. lilium lily. See Lily.] (Bot.) (a) Of or pertaining to a natural order of which the lily, tulip, and hyacinth are well-known examples. (b) Like the blossom of a lily in general form.

(Lil"i*al) a. (Bot.) Having a general resemblance to lilies or to liliaceous plants.

(Lil"ied) a. Covered with, or having many, lilies.

By sandy Ladon's lilied banks.

(Lill) v. i. To loll. [Obs. or Prov.] Spenser.

(Lil`li*pu"tian) n.

1. One belonging to a very diminutive race described in Swift's "Voyage to Lilliput."

2. Hence: A person or thing of very small size.

(Lil`li*pu"tian), a.

1. Of or pertaining to the imaginary island of Lilliput described by Swift, or to its inhabitants.

2. Hence: Of very small size; diminutive; dwarfed.

California lilac

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