Liber cells, elongated woody cells found in the liber.

(Lib"er*al) a. [F. libéral, L. liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it pleases, E. lief. Cf. Deliver.]

1. Free by birth; hence, befitting a freeman or gentleman; refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean; as, a liberal ancestry; a liberal spirit; liberal arts or studies. " Liberal education." Macaulay. " A liberal tongue." Shak.

2. Bestowing in a large and noble way, as a freeman; generous; bounteous; open-handed; as, a liberal giver. " Liberal of praise." Bacon.

Infinitely good, and of his good
As liberal and free as infinite.

3. Bestowed in a large way; hence, more than sufficient; abundant; bountiful; ample; profuse; as, a liberal gift; a liberal discharge of matter or of water.

His wealth doth warrant a liberal dower.

4. Not strict or rigorous; not confined or restricted to the literal sense; free; as, a liberal translation of a classic, or a liberal construction of law or of language.

5. Not narrow or contracted in mind; not selfish; enlarged in spirit; catholic.

6. Free to excess; regardless of law or moral restraint; licentious. " Most like a liberal villain." Shak.

7. Not bound by orthodox tenets or established forms in political or religious philosophy; independent in opinion; not conservative; friendly to great freedom in the constitution or administration of government; having

(Li"bel*ant) n. One who libels; one who institutes a suit in an ecclesiastical or admiralty court. [Written also libellant.] Cranch.

(Li"bel*er) n. One who libels. [Written also libeller.] " Libelers of others." Buckminster.

(Li"bel*ist) n. A libeler.

Li bella
(||Li *bel"la) n. [L., dim. of libra balance. See Level, n.]

1. A small balance.

2. A level, or leveling instrument.

(Li*bel"lu*lid) n. (Zoöl.) A dragon fly.

(Li*bel"lu*loid) a. [NL. Libellula, the name of the typical genus + -oid.] (Zoöl.) Like or pertaining to the dragon flies.

(Li"bel*ous) a. Containing or involving a libel; defamatory; containing that which exposes some person to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule; as, a libelous pamphlet. [Written also libellous.] — Li"bel*ous*ly, adv.

(||Li"ber) n. [L. See Libel.] (Bot.) The inner bark of plants, lying next to the wood. It usually contains a large proportion of woody, fibrous cells, and is, therefore, the part from which the fiber of the plant is obtained, as that of hemp, etc.

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