(Len*tis"cus) Lentisk
(Len"tisk) n. [L. lentiscus, lentiscum: cf. F. lentisque.] (Bot.) A tree; the mastic. See Mastic.

(Len"ti*tude) n. [L. lentitudo, fr. lentus slow: cf. OF. lentitude. See Lent, a.] Slowness; sluggishness. [Obs.]

(||Len"to) a. & adv. [It.] (Mus.) Slow; in slow time; slowly; — rarely written lente.

(Len"toid) a. [Lens + -oid.] Having the form of a lens; lens- shaped.

(||Len"tor) n. [L., fr. lentus pliant, tough, slow. See Lent, a.]

1. Tenacity; viscidity, as of fluids.

2. Slowness; delay; sluggishness. Arbuthnot.

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