A good leg(Naut.), a course sailed on a tack which is near the desired course.Leg bail, escape from custody by flight. [Slang] — Legs of an hyperbola(or other curve) (Geom.), the branches of the curve which extend outward indefinitely.Legs of a triangle, the sides of a triangle; — a name seldom used unless one of the sides is first distinguished by some appropriate term; as, the hypothenuse and two legs of a right-angled triangle.On one's legs, standing to speak.On one's last legs. See under Last.To have legs(Naut.), to have speed.To stand on one's own legs, to support one's self; to be independent.

(Leg) v. t. To use as a leg, with it as object: (a) To bow. [Obs.] (b) To run. [Low]

(Leg"a*cy) n.; pl. Legacies (- siz). [L. (assumed) legatia, for legatum, from legare to appoint by last will, to bequeath as a legacy, to depute: cf. OF. legat legacy. See Legate.]

1. A gift of property by will, esp. of money or personal property; a bequest. Also Fig.; as, a legacy of dishonor or disease.

2. A business with which one is intrusted by another; a commission; — obsolete, except in the phrases last legacy, dying legacy, and the like.

My legacy and message wherefore I am sent into the world.

He came and told his legacy.

Legacy duty, a tax paid to government on legacies. Wharton.Legacy hunter, one who flatters and courts any one for the sake of a legacy.

(Le"gal) a. [L. legalis, fr. lex, legis, law; prob. orig., that which lies or is fixed and if so akin to E. lie, law: cf. F. légal. Cf. Lie to be prostrate, Loyal, Leal.]

1. Created by, permitted by, in conformity with, or relating to, law; as, a legal obligation; a legal standard or test; a legal procedure; a legal claim; a legal trade; anything is legal which the laws do not forbid.

2. (Theol.) (a) According to the law of works, as distinguished from free grace; or resting on works for salvation. (b) According to the old or Mosaic dispensation; in accordance with the law of Moses.

3. (Law) Governed by the rules of law as distinguished from the rules of equity; as, legal estate; legal assets. Bouvier. Burrill.

Legal cap. See under Cap.Legal tender. (a) The act of tendering in the performance of a contract or satisfaction of a claim that which the law prescribes or permits, and at such time and place as the law

4. A bow, esp. in the phrase to make a leg; probably from drawing the leg backward in bowing. [Obs.]

He that will give a cap and make a leg in thanks for a favor he never received.

5. A disreputable sporting character; a blackleg. [Slang, Eng.]

6. (Naut.) The course and distance made by a vessel on one tack or between tacks.

7. (Steam Boiler) An extension of the boiler downward, in the form of a narrow space between vertical plates, sometimes nearly surrounding the furnace and ash pit, and serving to support the boiler; — called also water leg.

8. (Grain Elevator) The case containing the lower part of the belt which carries the buckets.

9. (Cricket) A fielder whose position is on the outside, a little in rear of the batter.

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