(Lean) n.

1. That part of flesh which consists principally of muscle without the fat.

The fat was so white and the lean was so ruddy.

2. (Typog.) Unremunerative copy or work.

(Lean"-faced`) a.

1. Having a thin face.

2. (Typog.) slender or narrow; — said of type the letters of which have thin lines, or are unusually narrow in proportion to their height. W. Savage.

(Lean"ing), n. The act, or state, of inclining; inclination; tendency; as, a leaning towards Calvinism.

(Lean"ly), adv. Meagerly; without fat or plumpness.

(Lean"ness), n. [AS. hl&aemacrnnes.] The condition or quality of being lean.

(Lean"-to`) a. (Arch.) Having only one slope or pitch; — said of a roof.n. A shed or slight building placed against the wall of a larger structure and having a single-pitched roof; — called also penthouse, and to-fall.

The outer circuit was covered as a lean-to, all round this inner apartment.
De Foe.

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