Lapsed devise, Lapsed legacy(Law), a devise, or legacy, which fails to take effect in consequence of the death of the devisee, or legatee, before that of the testator, or for other cause. Wharton (Law Dict.).

(Laps"i*ble) a. Liable to lapse.

(Lap"sid`ed) a. See Lopsided.

(Lap"stone`) n. A stone for the lap, on which shoemakers beat leather.

(Lap"streak` Lap"strake`) a. Made with boards whose edges lap one over another; clinker- built; — said of boats.

(La*pu"tan) a. Of or pertaining to Laputa, an imaginary flying island described in Gulliver's Travels as the home of chimerical philosophers. Hence, fanciful; preposterous; absurd in science or philosophy. "Laputan ideas." G. Eliot.

(Lap"-weld`ed) a. Having edges or ends united by a lap weld; as, a lap-welded pipe.

(Lap"wing`) n. [OE. lapwynke, leepwynke, AS. hleápewince; hleápan to leap, jump + (prob.) a word akin to AS. wincian to wink, E. wink, AS. wancol wavering; cf. G. wanken to stagger, waver. See Leap, and Wink.] (Zoöl.) A small European bird of the Plover family It has long and broad wings, and is noted for its rapid, irregular fight, upwards, downwards, and in circles. Its back is coppery or greenish bronze. Its eggs are the "plover's eggs" of the London market, esteemed a delicacy. It is called also peewit, dastard plover, and wype. The gray lapwing is the Squatarola cinerea.

(Lap"work`) n. Work in which one part laps over another. Grew.

(Laq"uay) n. A lackey. [Obs.] Evelyn.

(La"que*ar) n.; pl. Laquearia [L.] (Arch.) A lacunar.

(Laq"ue*a*ry) a. [L. laqueus a noose.] Using a noose, as a gladiator. [Obs. or R.]

Retiary and laqueary combatants.
Sir T. Browne.

1. To let slip; to permit to devolve on another; to allow to pass.

An appeal may be deserted by the appellant's lapsing the term of law.

2. To surprise in a fault or error; hence, to surprise or catch, as an offender. [Obs.]

For which, if be lapsed in this place,
I shall pay dear.

(Lapsed) a.

1. Having slipped downward, backward, or away; having lost position, privilege, etc., by neglect; — restricted to figurative uses.

Once more I will renew
His lapsed powers, though forfeit.

2. Ineffectual, void, or forfeited; as, a lapsed policy of insurance; a lapsed legacy.

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