Lank hair, long, thin hair. Macaulay.

(Lank), v. i. & t. To become lank; to make lank. [Obs.] Shak. G. Fletcher.

(Lank"i*ness) n. The condition or quality or being lanky.

(Lank"ly), adv. In a lank manner.

(Lank"ness), n. The state or quality of being lank.

(Lank"y), a. Somewhat lank. Thackeray.

The lanky Dinka, nearly seven feet in height.
The Century.

(Lan"ner) n. f. Lanneret
(Lan"ner*et) n. m. [F. lanier, OF. also, lasnier. Cf. Lanyard.] (Zoöl.) A long-tailed falcon of Southern Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa, resembling the American prairie falcon.

(Lan"o*lin) n. [L. lana wool + oleum oil.] (Physiol. Chem.) A peculiar fatlike body, made up of cholesterin and certain fatty acids, found in feathers, hair, wool, and keratin tissues generally.

Under the same name, it is prepared from wool for commercial purposes, and forms an admirable basis for ointments, being readily absorbed by the skin.

(||Lan"seh) n. The small, whitish brown fruit of an East Indian tree (Lansium domesticum). It has a fleshy pulp, with an agreeable subacid taste. Balfour.

(Lans"que*net) n. [F., fr. G. landsknecht a foot soldier, also a game of cards introduced by these foot soldiers; land country + knecht boy, servant. See Land, and Knight.]

1. A German foot soldier in foreign service in the 15th and 16th centuries; a soldier of fortune; — a term used in France and Western Europe.

Laniferous to Lapidescence

(La*nif"er*ous) n. [L. lanifer; lana wool + ferre to bear: cf. F. lanifère.] Bearing or producing wool.

(La*nif"i*cal) a. [L. lanificus; lana wool + facere to make.] Working in wool.

(Lan"i*fice) n. [L. lanificium: cf. OF. lanifice.] Anything made of wool. [Obs.] Bacon.

(La*nig"er*ous) a. [L. laniger; lano wool + gerere to hear.] Bearing or producing wool.

(La"ni*oid) a. [NL. Lanius the typical genus + -oid.] (Zoöl.) Of or pertaining to the shrikes (family Laniidæ).

(Lank) a. [Compar. Lanker ; superl. Lankest.] [AS. hlanc; cf. G. lenken to turn, gelenk joint, OHG. hlanca hip, side, flank, and E. link of a chain.]

1. Slender and thin; not well filled out; not plump; shrunken; lean.

Meager and lank with fasting grown.

Who would not choose . . . to have rather a lank purse than an empty brain?

2. Languid; drooping.[Obs.]

Who, piteous of her woes, reared her lank head.

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