Kentucky blue grass(Bot.), a valuable pasture and meadow grass found in both Europe and America. See under Blue grass.Kentucky coffee tree(Bot.), a tall North American tree (Gymnocladus Canadensis) with bipinnate leaves. It produces large woody pods containing a few seeds which have been used as a substitute for coffee. The timber is very valuable.

(Keph"a*lin) n. kefalh` the head.]—> (Physiol. Chem.) One of a group of nitrogenous phosphorized principles, supposed by Thudichum to exist in brain tissue.

(Kept) imp. & p. p. of Keep.

Kept mistress, a concubine; a woman supported by a man as his paramour.

(Ke*ram"ic) a. Same as Ceramic.

(Ke*ram"ics) n. Same as Ceramics.

(Ker`a*mo*graph"ic) a. [Gr. ke`ramos tile + graph + ic.] Suitable to be written upon; capable of being written upon, as a slate; — said especially of a certain kind of globe. Scudamore.

(Ke*ra"na) n. (Mus.) A kind of long trumpet, used among the Persians. Moore (Encyc. of Music).

(Ke*rar"gy*rite) n. See Cerargyrite.

(Ken"spec`kle) a. Having so marked an appearance as easily to be recognized. [Scot.]

Kent bugle
(Kent" bu"gle) [Probably named after a Duke of Kent.] (Mus.) A curved bugle, having six finger keys or stops, by means of which the performer can play upon every key in the musical scale; — called also keyed bugle, and key bugle. Moore.

(Ken"tle) n. [From Quintal.] (Com.) A hundred weight; a quintal.

(Kent"ledge) n. [OF. cant edge, corner, D. kant. See Cant edge, angle.] (Naut.) Pigs of iron used for ballast. [Written also kintlidge.]

(Ken*tuck"y) n. One of the United States.

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