Ironing board, a flat board, upon which clothes are laid while being ironed.

(I"ron*ish), a. Resembling iron, as in taste. Wood.

(I"ron*ist) n. One who uses irony.

(I"ron*mas`ter) n. A manufacturer of iron, or large dealer therein. Bp. Hurd.

(I"ron*mon`ger) n. A dealer in iron or hardware.

Ironbark tree to Irrejectable

Ironbark tree
(I"ron*bark` tree`) (Bot.) The Australian Eucalyptus Sideroxylon, used largely by carpenters and shipbuilders; — called also ironwood.

(I"ron*bound`) a.

1. Bound as with iron; rugged; as, an ironbound coast.

2. Rigid; unyielding; as, ironbound traditions.

(I"ron-cased`) a. Cased or covered with iron, as a vessel; ironclad.

(I"ron*clad`) a.

1. Clad in iron; protected or covered with iron, as a vessel for naval warfare.

2. Rigorous; severe; exacting; as, an ironclad oath or pledge. [Colloq.]

(I"ron*clad`), n. A naval vessel having the parts above water covered and protected by iron or steel usually in large plates closely joined and made sufficiently thick and strong to resist heavy shot.

(I"ron*er) n. One who, or that which, irons.

(I"ron-fist`ed) a. Closefisted; stingy; mean.

(I"ron-gray`) a. Of a gray color, somewhat resembling that of iron freshly broken.n. An iron-gray color; also, a horse of this color.

(I"ron*heads`) n. (Bot.) A European composite herb (Centaurea nigra); — so called from the resemblance of its knobbed head to an iron ball fixed on a long handle. Dr. Prior.

(I"ron-heart`ed) a. Hard- hearted; unfeeling; cruel; as, an iron-hearted master. Cowper.

(I*ron"ic) a. Ironical. Sir T. Herbert.

(I*ron"ic*al) a. [LL. ironicus, Gr. dissembling: cf. F. ironique. See Irony.]

1. Pertaining to irony; containing, expressing, or characterized by, irony; as, an ironical remark.

2. Addicted to the use of irony; given to irony.

I*ron"ic*al*ly, adv.I*ron"ic*al*ness, n.

(I"ron*ing) n.

1. The act or process of smoothing, as clothes, with hot flatirons.

2. The clothes ironed.

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