Innocent party(Law), a party who has not notice of a fact tainting a litigated transaction with illegality.

Syn. — Harmless; innoxious; innoffensive; guiltless; spotless; immaculate; pure; unblamable; blameless; faultless; guileless; upright.

(In"no*cent), n.

1. An innocent person; one free from, or unacquainted with, guilt or sin. Shak.

2. An unsophisticated person; hence, a child; a simpleton; an idiot. B. Jonson.

In Scotland a natural fool was called an innocent.
Sir W. Scott.

Innocents' day(Eccl.), Childermas day.

(In"no*cent*ly), adv. In an innocent manner.

(In"no*cu"i*ty) n. Innocuousness.

(In*noc"u*ous) a. [L. innocuus; in- not + nocuus hurtful, fr. nocere to hurt. See Innocent.] Harmless; producing no ill effect; innocent.

A patient, innocuous, innocent man.

In*noc"u*ous*ly, adv.In*noc"u*ous*ness, n.

Where the salt sea innocuously breaks.

(In"no*date) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Innodated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Innodating ] [L. innodatus, p. p. of innodare; pref. in- in + nodus knot.] To bind up, as in a knot; to include. [Obs.] Fuller.

(In*nom"i*na*ble) a. [L. innominabilis; pref. in- not + nominare to name: cf. F. innominable.] Not to be named. [R.] Testament of Love.

(In*nom"i*nate) a. [L. innominatus; pref. in- not + nominare to name.]

1. Having no name; unnamed; as, an innominate person or place. [R.] Ray.

2. (Anat.) A term used in designating many parts otherwise unnamed; as, the innominate artery, a great branch of the arch of the aorta; the innominate vein, a great branch of the superior vena cava.

Innominate bone(Anat.), the great bone which makes a lateral half of the pelvis in mammals; hip bone; haunch bone; huckle bone. It is composed of three bones, ilium, ischium, and pubis, consolidated into one in the adult, though separate in the fetus, as also in many adult reptiles and amphibians.Innominate contracts(Law), in the Roman law, contracts without a specific name.

(In"no*vate) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Innovated ; p. pr. & vb. n. Innovating ] [L. innovatus, p. p. of innovare to revew; pref. in- in + novare to make new, fr. novus new. See New.]

3. Free from the guilt of a particular crime or offense; as, a man is innocent of the crime charged.

Innocent from the great transgression.
Ps. xix. 13.

4. Simple; artless; foolish. Shak.

5. Lawful; permitted; as, an innocent trade.

6. Not contraband; not subject to forfeiture; as, innocent goods carried to a belligerent nation.

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