Inflammable air, the old chemical name for hydrogen.

(In*flam"ma*ble*ness), n. The quality or state of being inflammable; inflammability. Boyle.

(In*flam"ma*bly) adv. In an inflammable manner.

(In*flam*ma"tion) n. [L. inflammatio: cf. F. inflammation. See Inflame.]

1. The act of inflaming, kindling, or setting on fire; also, the state of being inflamed. "The inflammation of fat." Wilkins.

2. (Med.) A morbid condition of any part of the body, consisting in congestion of the blood vessels, with obstruction of the blood current, and growth of morbid tissue. It is manifested outwardly by redness and swelling, attended with heat and pain.

2. Fig.: To kindle or intensify, as passion or appetite; to excite to an excessive or unnatural action or heat; as, to inflame desire.

Though more, it seems,
Inflamed with lust than rage.

But, O inflame and fire our hearts.

3. To provoke to anger or rage; to exasperate; to irritate; to incense; to enrage.

It will inflame you; it will make you mad.

4. (Med.) To put in a state of inflammation; to produce morbid heat, congestion, or swelling, of; as, to inflame the eyes by overwork.

5. To exaggerate; to enlarge upon. [Obs.]

A friend exaggerates a man's virtues, an enemy inflames his crimes.

Syn. — To provoke; fire; kindle; irritate; exasperate; incense; enrage; anger; excite; arouse.

(In*flame"), v. i. To grow morbidly hot, congested, or painful; to become angry or incensed. Wiseman.

(In*flamed") p. a.

1. Set on fire; enkindled; heated; congested; provoked; exasperated.

2. (Her.) Represented as burning, or as adorned with tongues of flame.

(In*flam"er) n. The person or thing that inflames. Addison.

(In*flam"ma*bil"l*ty) n. [Cf. F. inflammabilite.] Susceptibility of taking fire readily; the state or quality of being inflammable.

(In*flam"ma*ble) a. [CF. F. inflammable.]

1. Capable of being easily set fire; easily enkindled; combustible; as, inflammable oils or spirits.

2. Excitable; irritable; irascible; easily provoked; as, an inflammable temper.

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