1. The state or period of being an infant; the first part of life; early childhood.

The babe yet lies in smiling infancy.

Their love in early infancy began.

2. The first age of anything; the beginning or early period of existence; as, the infancy of an art.

The infancy and the grandeur of Rome.

3. (Law) The state or condition of one under age, or under the age of twenty-one years; nonage; minority.

(In*fan"dous) a. [L. infandus; pref. in- not + fari to speak.] Too odious to be expressed or mentioned. [Obs.] Howell.

(In*fang"thef) n. [AS. in-fangen- þeóf; in in, into + fangen taken (p. p. of fon to take) + þeóf thief.] (O. Eng. Law) The privilege granted to lords of certain manors to judge thieves taken within the seigniory of such lords. Cowell.

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