Immortal flowers, immortelles; everlastings.

Syn. — Eternal; everlasting; never-ending; ceaseless; perpetual; continual; enduring; endless; imperishable; incorruptible; deathless; undying.

(Im*mor"tal) n. One who will never cease to be; one exempt from death, decay, or annihilation. Bunyan.

(Im*mor"tal*ist), n. One who holds the doctrine of the immortality of the soul. [R.] Jer. Taylor.

(Im`mor*tal"i*ty) n.; pl. Immortalities [L. immortalitas: cf. F. immortalité.]

1. The quality or state of being immortal; exemption from death and annihilation; unending existance; as, the immortality of the soul.

This mortal must put on immortality.
1 Cor. xv. 53.

2. Exemption from oblivion; perpetuity; as, the immortality of fame.

(Im*mor`tal*i*za"tion) n. The act of immortalizing, or state of being immortalized.

(Im*mor"tal*ize) v. t. [imp. & p. p. Immortalized ; p. pr. & vb. n. Immortalizing ] [Cf. F. immortaliser.]

1. To render immortal; to cause to live or exist forever. S. Clarke.

2. To exempt from oblivion; to perpetuate in fame.

Alexander had no Homer to immortalize his guilty name.
T. Dawes.

(Im*mor"tal*ize), v. i. To become immortal. [R.]

(Im*mor"tal*ly), adv. In an immortal manner.

(Im`mor*telle") n.; pl. Immortelles [F. See Immortal.] (Bot.) A plant with a conspicuous, dry, unwithering involucre, as the species of Antennaria, Helichrysum, Gomphrena, etc. See Everlasting.

(Im*mor`ti*fi*ca"tion) n. Failure to mortify the passions. [R.] Jer. Taylor.

(Im*mov"a*bil"i*ty) n. The quality or state of being immovable; fixedness; steadfastness; as, immovability of a heavy body; immovability of purpose.

(Im*mov"a*ble) a.

1. Incapable of being moved; firmly fixed; fast; — used of material things; as, an immovable foundation.

Immovable, infixed, and frozen round.

2. Connected with, or pertaining to immortality.

I have immortal longings in me.

3. Destined to live in all ages of this world; abiding; exempt from oblivion; imperishable; as, immortal fame.

One of the few, immortal names,
That were not born to die.

4. Great; excessive; grievous. [Obs.] Hayward.

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